What’s the difference between a soul phone and a SoulPhone™?

In the context of this site, the term soul phone is a generic term that refers to any process or technology that allows flesh humans to communicate with spirits, human and otherwise. It’s the idea that trans-dimensional communication is possible and that different methods of making contact will continue to come into being.

In a symbolic sense, you could say that a psychic medium is or at least acts like a soul phone. He or she communicates between dimensions of existence.

Then there are other technologies being developed that use various recording devices to capture sounds and even pictures. These, too, could loosely be called soul phones.

By contrast, SoulPhone is a registered trademark for one particular technology that is currently under research and development. When it is perfected, the SoulPhone is projected to be a product you could purchase or use.

Soul Phone Views is not an official SoulPhone site. For anything official, please consult the SoulPhone Foundation website.