The material in this website is entirely the visionary speculation of Joshua Bagby.

The reader should not assume that the views expressed here are the official positions of the SoulPhone Foundation.

This site intends to stimulate creative thinking about what it might be like if we could communicate with nonphysical entities including humans who have changed worlds. How might society change? What might our personal lives be like?

Visionary speculation is more like a brainstorm of possibilities and probabilities, things to consider in the course of research and development. Science may eventually demonstrate them to be true or not true.

Some views expressed in this site are fanciful and fun. Lighthearted humor might seem flippant and insensitive to a person in deep mourning. Reader discretion is advised.

Joshua Bagby is a visionary writer currently residing in Oregon. He applies afterlife research to fiction and nonfiction to envision a better life for all humanity.