It’s a great joy for me to imagine a world where reliable soul phones are available to anyone who wants one.

Between logic, intuition, and creativity, I mentally cook up delicious scenarios of a future where the lines of communication between heaven and earth are wide open. Visions of how soul phones could change our lives fill me with delight.

So in this site I follow my passion and cook up ideas. I’m not selling anything. I’m playing. This is my fun. I share it because you might have fun imagining it, too.

I believe that playing with soul phone ideas is energetically better than focusing on why it could never happen. I’ve noticed over the years that speculating on soul phone technology reveals many ways that society could be better for knowing irrefutably that death of the body is not also death of the mind. These revelations do not necessarily require an actual soul phone to exist just as ideas gleaned from watching Star Trek do not require that a prototype transporter exists before wondering what it would be like to zap wherever you wanted to go.

So dream on …