Joshua Bagby is a self-proclaimed woo-woo writer originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and now living in Salem, Oregon.

He is not one to take himself too seriously, a character trait that lets him explore topics such as sexuality and spirituality with some good old Land of the Free creative thinking. He writes with humor and a gee-wow optimism aimed at painting visions of possibilities.

It’s probably important for you to understand that as a psychic medium, he is unskilled. He may talk to dead people, but so far they only answer back in obscure ways. He has very few woo-woo experiences to hang a best-selling book around, not like so many authors of afterlife tomes.

Needless to say, but apparently he needs to say it anyway, the opinions expressed in this spiritual wilderness site are those of Joshua Bagby and should not be construed as opinions of any other entity including the SoulPhone Foundation.