How many times have you heard that a new day is coming? Ascension or armageddon or visits from extra-terrestrials or something is just around the corner. Get ready to be awed beyond shocked, they say! The world will change big time!


Yeah, right.

I’ve been receiving marketing materials from spiritual teachers and coaches, psychic mediums, and even some religious groups for decades now. They pretty much say the same thing and have been saying it for as long as I can remember.

We always seem to be almost there. Just around the corner. Don’t give up.

While I can point to certain developments that indeed suggest that humanity is awakening spiritually, just as much seems to suggest business and cruelty as usual. We have seen great strides in science and technology, but sometimes we seem closer to causing our own physical, mental, and emotional destruction than stepping into enlightenment, even into sanity.

So is anything different?

Well, maybe.

Right now the soul phone is mostly a concept—finding ways for flesh humans to chat with spirit humans using technology, which is to say trans-dimensional communication.

Yep—phone anybody … dead or alive.

I say mostly a concept, but great strides are being made.

Soul Phone Views is dedicated to the possibility that in the near future, we might (and some say we definitely will) see the development of credible soul phone technology.

Hold on tight to your selfie sticks! This could turn into quite a ride!


In much of the media including social media, the topic of death and dying is often presented with melodramatic seriousness, Hallmark card sentimentality, or dry, academic tech-speak. That won’t be the case here. There are plenty of places where you can find that kind of writing if that’s your desire. My feeling is enjoy the journey of discovery, and that’s the spirit with which I undertake this exploration.

I understand that many people turn to thinking about the afterlife as part of their grieving process. Writing about death in a fun way is in no way intended to diminish or to be insensitive to the pain someone may be feeling from a loved one’s passing.

My humor stems largely from all the input I have received over the years about how amazingly wonderful other dimensions of reality are as reported in near-death and out-of-body experiencers and via channeled chats and automatic writing with spirits. When death is viewed as tragic, it’s usually the viewpoint of those left behind to deal with the loss; it’s not the viewpoint of those who are dancing in the streets of heaven.

The main purpose of this site is to explore in many different ways the implications of what a working soul phone (or SoulPhone) would mean for the planet. In a sense it is daydreaming out loud and for fun, recognizing that whimsy does not always become fact and that fact sometimes out-wows whimsy.