Survey for mediums/psychics

Rev. Karen Herrick, PhD would love for mediums and psychics to participate in a survey entitled Human Channels of Psychic Energy in Mediumship and Spiritual Experiences. It should take approximately five to ten minutes to complete.

Please have any psychics or mediums that you know email her at and put “Psychic/Medium Survey Request” in the subject line. The survey will be emailed to them.

Herrick’s third book, The Psychology of the Soul & the Paranormal, attempts to teach 40-50% of the US and UK populations that they aren’t “crazy” when they have spiritual experiences including visits with their deceased loved ones. She hopes more people and therapists would understand how these psychic experiences happen through electromagnetic energy flowing through our physical bodies. She hopes this deepened understanding would help make our world a better place.

She welcomes your comments and input as she figures out how to get more information about spirituality and spiritual experiences out into our conflicted world. 

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash