Do spirits get mad?

I often hope that life in this reality is a simulation game for souls. I like thinking that we are just part of a big social experiment in some virtual reality lab in some other dimension. In that way a player can kill off a whole civilization without consequences.

I go to this mental strategy when I see documentaries such as Sir David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet on Netflix. It’s his “witness statement” about a life spent studying the natural world and his observations of humankind’s destructive impact on the entire planet. This is a tough film to watch. It’s like finding out that your parents were mass-murderers who dabbled in sex trafficking on the side.

If Earth School is just a Twilight Zonian video game, we’re all off the hook. No harm done. We didn’t really willfully destroy the planet because nothing actually gets destroyed in virtual reality. Not really. It was just for our entertainment that we raped and pillaged Gaia.

But programs like A Life on Our Planet makes me wonder if ‘deceased’ luminaries have such a lah-di-dah attitude about humanity’s disrespect (to put it mildly) for the environment. Does it matter to them that the coral reefs are dying, the polar caps are melting, and so-called wild animals are disappearing at a frightening pace?

Sometimes I think that a lab for souls is conducting different experimental reality scenarios. One group is us. We get the leaders who aren’t very concerned about the environments and don’t heed warnings from scientists. Another group reality is where people live much more in harmony with nature. They and their politicians care and choose sustainability over greed. Maybe another group already ransacked the planet and humans have gone extinct. Game over.


The SoulPhone Foundation’s Director Dr. Mark Pitstick often suggests that postmaterial (‘dead’) luminaries are beyond eager to help humanity improve the world. (He’s reporting what the research mediums have said.) This is good news for those of us waiting to be rescued from an out-of-control gloomy-doomy world. We’re waiting for some magical force to stop the bleeding of humanity’s self-inflicted wounds.

(I grew up with the public school-induced fantasy that the United States of America was the world-saving good guy force. Later I discovered the sad reality that alleged freedom for all also meant freedom to pollute and freedom to corrupt.)

So if ‘deceased’ luminaries are jumping up and down in their spirit bodies eager to help guide humanity out of the suicidal abyss, are they going to show some cajones? Would they get mad? Would they yell at us like some iconic coaches or drill instructors or irate professors?

At 94, the current flesh-bodied luminary Sir Attenborough may fairly soon join the postmaterial world (not that I am wishing him any exit before his time.) I am curious about what messages he would beam back to earth through an eventual SoulPhone. Would he still be a crusader for ecology or would he be sipping on cosmic lemonade and not worrying anymore about the destruction of the rain forests? Would any past environmental activist continue to care about our natural world if they no longer had to endure living in it?

Many past luminaries and historical superstars either purposely or unintentionally contributed heavily to the destruction of the planet. History is littered with dystopian artifacts like earth-gouging mining sites, abandoned industrial complexes, and so much more. Is it enough for these people to go to a life review and say “oh, sorry about the pollution, my bad?” Or are they now motivated to change the current untenable trajectory of Spaceship Earth?

As I consume spiritualistic videos, books, blogs, and marketing, I find myself less in harmony with the common refrain “it’s all good.” So many sources like to propagate the idea that we’re all loved, no one is truly alone, a guide is just a mental phone call away, don’t worry, be happy. Lah-di-dah.

But in stark contrast to that, we’re nonchalantly turning natural wonders into pit toilets. Which makes me wonder if spirits get mad watching this exhibition of exploitation, especially those who abetted the ruination. Do they get heartsick witnessing the downfall they helped create, or once they’re off the clock from Earth School, do they just go party?

That said, maybe when I eventually croak I’ll see all the fun in human suffering.


It’s often said that so-called spirits are bound by a covenant of free will. They aren’t supposed to interfere with our world unless asked, and there are situations when they apparently can’t help us even when we ask, ask, and ask again, then beg. This being Earth School where we are supposed to be challenged with adversity, feeding us answers is akin to cheating on college exams.

Would this change if we had SoulPhone technology? The SoulPhone Foundation apparently thinks so, but I question the premise. For instance, if humanity is not taking stewardship of the planet seriously already, why should guides interfere? If humanity is not challenging unresponsive governments—such as by voting out climate change deniers—why should postmaterial luminaries bear the burden of being first responders?

It’s metaphysical comfort food to think that our ancestors want to make life better for us, but how in sync are the two realms? If a postmaterial genius told us to quit eating meat, how many hamburger lovers would jump on the bandwagon? (“You aren’t going to tell me what to eat?”)

But what happens if PMPs actually bear some righteous anger, in part based on their own contributions to the mess we’re already in? What if part of their growth is to atone for the damage they caused? Would they be all love and light then?

(It is likely, I think, that if reincarnation exists, we all had lives where we were the bad guys, and that’s how we discovered that it wasn’t a great choice to have made.)

If PMPs were roused to passionate anger, to revolutionary zeal against destroyers of the planet, would they and could they share their insights? Even when we solicit it, would their intervention be allowed by whoever or whatever is in authority in their world? Whether they get mad or not, they might be forbidden from sharing.


I’ve read a few channeled works allegedly from spirits who aren’t such sweet talkers. It’s not all love and light for them. They speak with more recognizably human outrage over some earthly conditions and events. This may be evidence that the mediums are influencing the supposed message with their human thinking—consciously or unconsciously—or it may mean that some dead people speak with snarkier tongues than others do.

If human-caused climate change is causing more destructive hurricanes and wildfires, would you expect ancestors (if they could) to make some noise? “I know you want to hear how great heaven is, but have you seen the mess you’re making of your world? Do you think we’re ignoring your activity? Do you think you’re not accountable?”

The narrative that ‘ascended masters’ don’t get angry lulls us into complacency. After all, some figure they can just die and go into the light where the physical world melts away as irrelevant. No more worries about social injustice. “Pass the rainbows please.”

Besides ascended masters, this question about anger also applies to how personal calls on a potential SoulPhone might play out. What happens if a curmudgeonly person in flesh life enters the land of infinite love and drops that whole caustic rhetoric? Will that person become unrecognizable? Will it be like talking to a complete stranger?

Or will our ‘deceased’ friends and family continue dropping f-bombs and exercising their free speech? I’ve seen both. Some ‘spirits’ appear very earthy while others sound as if they’ve gone to finishing school. I’ve even seen multiple versions of Jesus speaking in a wide range of rhetoric from raunchy to highbrow. It leads to a potential conclusion that a medium’s personality is largely involved, even unconsciously, on how messages appear in this world—or that a lot of fraud is involved.

So it’s still an open-ended question—do ‘spirits’ get mad? Do they get roused to fits of anger watching humanity tank a planet? I’m not talking about ghosts, earthbounds, or so-called evil spirits. I’m talking about those we would call luminaries, guides, ascended masters, even angels. What is their perception of what’s going on? What do they know that we don’t know?

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