Who can you trust?

Currently in the United States, a notable if not legendary polarization rips away at the fabric of society. One bottom line is that it has become very challenging to discover the truth about anything amid so many rumors, lies, bloated rhetoric, and fundamental disagreements.

This situation has vast implications including a basic question of how reliable would information stream from what we commonly call the spirit world if SoulPhone™ (or other) technology arrives in a functional state. Will we find one reliable universal information source, or will it be a free-for-all with just as much contradictory and polarizing information as we find here?

Some people seem to have put all their faith cookies in a vision of the universe where love, caring, truth, and compassion ultimately rule. Good triumphs over evil. When people get to heaven, their ego selves melt away and their “true” loving, higher selves emerge. The assumption, therefore, is that no deceit will come from the spirit world.

Others view the afterlife as a place where those leaving earth find their appropriate level to reside in based on their spiritual progress in the life they just led. Simplistically put, lower levels house those of a more base nature. That place is a lot like earth living with maybe a few welcome upgrades. If you’ve done the work, you can go higher up the heavenly stairway to realms that are less earthly.

When we consider what to expect if/when a SoulPhone comes out, we judge it based on our current conception of the afterlife. The idea of a SoulPhone is much more attractive when we believe in an afterlife full of love. It gets dicier when we consider the influence of evil.


One fear that some people have is that “evil” or “imbalanced” spirits will somehow commandeer or otherwise abuse SoulPhone technology when it comes out. They will use it to spread false narratives in all directions, creating havoc for their own twisted dystopian entertainment.

Evil may also include individuals or corporations in this earthly dimension focused on profiteering from this breakthrough invention. As has happened in so many industries, something invented to help humanity may instead bring forth potential for massive abuse. For all the benefits to humanity computers have brought, for instance, the invention has also empowered big time evil.

Another fear about a future SoulPhone regards the quality or validity of information passed from that dimension to ours. If every walk of ‘spirit’ life has a voice through such a device, how are we going to know what “truth” to believe?

As a hypothetical, what if Doctor A in the next dimension says one thing about Covid-19 (wear masks), and Doctor B in the next dimension says the polar opposite (don’t bother wearing masks)? What if Doctor A says that climate change is real and humans should be more responsible while Doctor B says climate change is an illusion and burning fossil fuels is fine? What if Doctor A confirms your favorite conspiracy theory while Doctor B says it’s bunk?

It could be that postmaterial persons are all being honest about their perception of the truth, but if they live in different ‘levels,’ they may not speak with universal awareness. It’s like someone living in the tropics has a different take on reality than someone living near a polar ice cap. The world has already seen plenty of examples of contradictory information about what the afterlife is like.

Meanwhile, while luminaries here work with luminaries there to create a better world, creepy entrepreneurs here could use the SoulPhone to find creepy cohorts elsewhere. We do not know how far political, religious, and ethical differences go into realms beyond physical life? Does the mental and physical warfare so ubiquitous to earth extend into the next realms? If so, will some ruling authority intervene to foil evil plots?

Some people have ready answers to questions like these. They read a book and hastily accept its contents. The more books I read, the more I realize that there is no shortage of contradictory statements between them, all of them allegedly telling the truth. One person’s new-death experience does not speak for the whole universe. Ditto for one person’s out-of-body adventures, one person’s channeling, one person’s “amazing” reading from a tippy-top medium.

Some people are intrigued by the possibility that a SoulPhone will give earth people access to iconic spiritual leaders, either in “webinars” or in private conversations. This has stunning implications. Imagine the chaos that could erupt if some divine souls appear to contradict long-accepted religious tenets and practices, such as how many organized religions supported wars. (“What about thou shalt not kill confuses you?”)

This already happens in channeling entities. It’s kind of fun to watch different mediums present historical characters they’re allegedly hearing when Jesus channeled by one doesn’t match the Jesus channeled by another. It’s fun until you consider the implications.

But then also imagine how different things could become for our world if we were all offered a definitive source for universal truth. Could this provide a tipping point for humanity to work toward creating heaven on earth? Might we see the light; might luminaries enlighten us?


Right now we just don’t know with any certainty what we’ll find when we make the contact we seek—if indeed we make contact.

As I speculate about the potential impact of the SoulPhone on the world, I like to think that this is a two-dimension project. I like to think that the so-called A-Team, those collaborators in ‘spirit,’ would guide our progress so that we are not influenced by evil, either here or there. If we are headed for disaster, either for us or for them, I trust that they would pull the plug.

Explorations into communicating with ‘spirit’ needs to consider the ethical, practical, and systemic consequences of this potential life-changing, world-altering quest. Humans so far have not been great stewards of the planet and its inhabitants. Maybe with better information, we would change.

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