Race relations

Research into reincarnation along with past-life regressions and channeling often suggest that human beings experience multiple lifetimes and play many roles. At one time or another, we assume different races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, economic positions, etc.

A SoulPhone may eventually confirm or refute this.

Many people already learn this through their own readings and past life regressions. SoulPhone technology could make this information even easier to come by. You might be able to discuss your big picture, multi-life family history with loved ones on the other side, or you could contact someone who could access your akashic records.

It would be even more fun than getting your DNA tested.

There are some fascinating implications here upon which to speculate.

Some traditions seem to say that people incarnate and reincarnate along certain bloodlines, so that in effect they might stay within a given race through many if not all lifetimes. Others say that we balance out the experience of the soul through a multitude of lifetimes in vastly different circumstances to get a well-rounded education, metaphysically speaking.

Back in the 1970s, for instance, I heard psychic Betty Bethards say that the Vietnam War was karmic for the wars of the whites against American Indians. True? Who knows? Yet it would make for a whole different story in a larger-than-material-life context if souls knew as they prepared to incarnate that they would be involved in these disputes.

Karma is often presented as a balancing of energy, not of reward and punishment. Multiple lifetimes offer a buffet of different experiences.

It tickles me to dream about different possible situations. For instance, slaveowners of centuries past could reincarnate as a member of an oppressed minority. Similarly, someone from an oppressed minority could reincarnate into a family of racist oppressors. Not a function of punishment, but one of balance.

Former Nazis responsible for killing Jews could reincarnate into a Jewish family, thus being in the unique position of taking on the pain and condemning the actions they took in their past lives, not knowing they used to be the killers.

This puts a different spin on the notion of reparations to various ethnic groups for historical atrocities. Could the same people who once tortured or oppressed people in former live actually get reparations if they reincarnated into the oppressed? While definitely not an excuse for keeping inequality alive, if reincarnation becomes a known reality, it’s going to bring up some interesting conversation.


I often hear it said that we are all one. There are vast implications to this, a major one being inherent racial equality at the soul level. Another one is that we (or our higher selves who make these decisions) choose which race to become in any given lifetime. We do this through choosing our parents.

If this idea were confirmed through soul phone technology, I think it would have a major impact on race relations. We would be more conscious that everyone chooses experiences they at the soul level wish to have. Rather than being embittered for our lot in life or attacking others for who they are, we would realize that choice was involved.

We could be something else next time. We could be the oppressed or the oppressor; better yet, we could learn our lessons and be pro-equality. This could go a long way in establishing the proverbial heaven on earth.

We are mostly taught to be racist (or not racist.) We aren’t born that way. Early experiences condition us to think in certain ways that if unchecked will last a lifetime. Think of so many little kids in so many different situations who learn how to hate by following someone’s example.


Many people today put great stock into their extended family history. In the context of “one life only,” we learn the traditions and stories of our native culture. In the multiple-life context, we would be taking on a given family and cultural history temporarily for the duration of that one lifetime amid a spectrum of lifetimes.

Perhaps one life an indigenous person; perhaps another life a conquering race; perhaps another life a racial, religious, or philosophical minority. This does not even get into gender and sexual orientation.

It’s sometimes suggested that we have amnesia about our past lives so as not to interfere with this lifetime’s planned educational adventures. If we knew about cruelties we had committed in other lifetimes, we might become consumed with guilt-paralysis. But perhaps the time has come for us to wake up and encounter our greater reality.

The bottom line is that in the future we may end up thinking of ourselves more as human beings than as the racial and other categories and stereotypes that separate many people today. SoulPhones could lead us to making some amazing discoveries!

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