Is SoulPhone devil bait?

I like to include here in this site mentions of the SoulPhone™ that are not so complimentary. I do this for balance. It’s educational to see how others process and portray the concept of contacting the so-called dead through electronic devices.

This article [click to see] is from a Seventh Day Adventist publication.

I often find myself wryly amused that religious people often think they know better than people of science. And people of science often think they know better than religious people.

The amusing part to me as an observer is how both groups seem to think and act as if they know they are right and the other group’s thinking is all wrong.

The linked article is essentially saying (in my words): “The SoulPhone people are going to discover that dead people are dead, period, because the Bible says so. Any finding to the contrary is demonic deception. Why? Because dead people are dead until the resurrection.”

Comments at the end of the article give Satan a shout-out in more graphic detail than did the more restrained essayist:

“My jaw is still on the floor! I clearly underestimated the sheer evil Satan is. When I think of the numbers of God’s children who are going to be deceived my heart breaks for Him, and for our Savior.”

In other words, anything that science finds via SoulPhone research is evil because the Bible says that when we die we turn to dust.


In my own world view, SoulPhone technology would give “our Savior” an opportunity to confirm and possibly update spiritual lessons.

But this also brings up an interesting challenge: what will happen if a divinely-appointed and bona fide guide or angel says something that blatantly contradicts major religious beliefs? Or a more basic question: can sacred religious text ever be revised with new information, insights, or revelations?

Clearly religious authorities have been OK with editing and rewriting or re-translating holy writing, but what about complete content revisions like “Humans invented the concept of Satan” or something else that radical? Did the creative genius behind the invention of nature and humanity choose to set laws in stone (yeah, very punny) without the possibility of modification as time went on?


People often view reality through the prism of what their family taught them while growing up. People raised in religious families often create their personal realities based on those teachings. Whether deeply religious or deeply atheistic, family life sets the tone for the future. Some people may eventually question what they were taught as kids, but many don’t.

In other words, most people are taught what to believe and then believe it as if it is proven fact. They may not change their minds unless something happens to force a change of mind.

Someone raised in a family of atheists might fight against the existence of God or an afterlife until a near-death or other mystical experience challenges those beliefs.

Meanwhile, if an afterlife exists, it is not necessarily a religious reality. It may just be nature, a nature that materialist science does not recognize as real but that postmaterial science considers. An afterlife may not be universally organized in the way religions here postulate them based on how they interpret holy texts. Some evidence suggests that upon ‘dying’ people go to an afterlife that their beliefs have concocted for them.


I have been wrong before, however, I find the idea suspicious that forces of evil could convincingly portray the forces of good, love, and caring while having the exact opposite intent—to deceive and destroy.

I envision the SoulPhone as helping humanity heal, both with clarification of cosmology through communication with luminaries and giving humanity the experience of both a secular and religious renaissance. Finding out that Uncle Phil survived death and is thriving in another dimension does not strike me as anti-God. I do not see the desire to connect with a loved one as “dabbling in the occult” for nefarious purposes.

That said, we have much to learn about other dimensions and the entities that dwell (or even appear to dwell) beyond our physical senses. While much metaphysical literature, podcasts, and videos leads us to expect that ultimately the universe is a big puppy pile—where Satan is a human-made fantasy—a darker side may still exist.


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Photo by Mia Cambriello on Unsplash