How real is soul phone?

Among the most popular topics discussed on this site is how realistic is the SoulPhone™ or any other electronic device—soul phone as a generic term—that will let people talk or text in a conversational way to their departed loved ones?

Are we (or am I) jumping the gun and making too many false assumptions about what’s possible? Are we thinking too much like Hollywood film writers who create “out there” plots without tackling the obstacles such as could time travel and teleportation actually occur?

Will those of us with loved ones in the ‘spirit world’ be able to reach out and touch them by soul phone someday soon?

Discussions that I have seen in forums or heard in person often do not include many relevant questions that need to be asked. Even with the early successes in development of the switch technology (the yes/no capability that could lead to a keyboard), many questions remain before that technology reaches high enough sophistication to become a usable device for ordinary people. Expectations often soar about imaginary capabilities that have not yet been thoroughly vetted.

Asking tough questions is not intended to be discouraging. Rather, it’s part of the process of exploring what may or may not happen if trans- dimensional communication through electronic devices becomes a reality.


How would we know for sure that the entity we think we’re conversing or texting with is actually that person—or a person at all? How exactly will identity validation occur?

How much information do entities on the other side know or have access to? Are there limits to what they would be able or allowed to share?

What motivates people on the ‘other side’ to seek communication with people on this side? What’s in it for them?

What will be required of people on the other side to use soul phone technology? Will they be willing to do what it takes if it requires training or consulting an expert facilitator on that side?

What will people on this side need to do for access to this technology? What will the costs and accessibility be?

How much does the process of changing worlds impact the ‘psychology of the dead?’ Will they be recognizable to us or will they have changed so much due to their new circumstances that it will be like talking to different people?

What happens if/when people we want to talk with on the other side do not wish to or for some other reason cannot talk with us? Will it feel like a more intense rejection than being ignored here?

How will fraud or deception from the other side be handled or prevented? Will so-called ‘evil spirits’ or lower astral entities be empowered through this technology to deceive us?

Will chatting with people on the other side increase suicide rates? Will suicide seem more attractive if people here envy people there? How will this possible consequence be addressed ahead of time?

How will the psychiatry and therapy industries here handle disclosures patients receive from postmaterial persons that trigger conflict? How will potential bombshell announcement from the other side be handled on this side?

How would law enforcement and the court system handle accusations and evidence acquired from postmaterial sources?

How would soul phone technology figure in international relations and global politics? Would postmaterial luminaries takes sides?

Would governments ever consider soul phone technology a national security risk and attempt to ban it, including by executive order?

How much insight will postmaterial luminaries be able to reveal? What happens when/if those observations vastly contradict socially entrenched science, religion, and other institutions?

What is the exact nature of free will on this plane and what governs the ability of postmaterial persons to “help” us by passing along revelations? Does anything inhibit or prevent them from helping humans solve global problems in our world?

How will the interests of the so-called spirit world interface with the world of commerce on this plane where money still rules? How would successful and sophisticated soul phone technology influence the world economy? Could insider trading take on new meaning? Could money become obsolete?

If we could chat with the other side, would we become privy to our pre-planned milestone life events and relationships, such as information about our tragedies and challenges? Would disclosures like this be interfering in our soul education?

If there are different levels in the spirit world, often referred to as lower and higher, will and how will soul phone technology reach them no matter where they are?

How will soul phone technology be marketed to the people here? Will “same old” fear and scarcity-based marketing practices so commonly used today also be used to promote ‘spirit communication?’ Will predatory corporations swoop in and monopolize this technology or possibly even suppress it?


As emotionally invigorating as the idea of speaking conversationally with postmaterial loved ones and luminaries is, much yet remains to be questioned and explored about how a successful technology would work. Many assumptions the average person makes from watching or reading spiritual entertainment could be proven false. This includes readings from mediums, channeling, and a mountain of populist books marketed as fact.

A major reason for interest in the SoulPhone™ is that it potentially offers a clearer form of communication that diminishes if not eliminates all the subjective interpretation involved in mediumship. As much of a breakthrough as this would create, we still don’t know what rules of engagement might exist between the two worlds.

How “real” the soul phone is turns out to be what happens when we make a call and someone answers.


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