Free books

Much more has been written about life in spirit than you might think, and the amazing thing is that you can read much of it for free.

The Internet has opened up a wide world of resources. Books, books, books. Free, free, free.

I find myself becoming much more receptive to reading works that are long out of copyright. They were written in the late 1800s to earlier 1900s. While some people turn up their noses at moldy-oldy books, I like these freebies for several important reasons.

• Did I mention that they are free? Lots of places offer pdf copies that you can read on your computer now or save them as PDFs for later. You can even share them. Many are in the public domain as the original copyright has long since expired. (That means it’s not stealing to download and share.)

• In being written for another era, older books are not influenced by modern social conventions and technology. The writing seems less manipulated by focus groups, commercial interests, and modern public relations paradigms. While readers must be discerning (because hype appears to be eternal), the ideas presented were communicated before modern technology so drastically changed lifestyles and consciousness. Somehow these books seem more pure to me.

• While I sometimes struggle with some archaic language practices from a century or more ago, I find this material less subject to the exaggeration and sensationalization I find in so much book marketing today. The books seem to be written for a simpler time, and it shows. (Many of these texts being of UK origin may explain some of that.)

• While ordinarily I would think twice about a hundred year-old book’s level of accuracy, we’re talking here about the next life. I’ve not encountered any reason to think that a modern metaphysical book is any better at describing the afterlife than an old book. The only difference I can see is that modern books speak a more modern language.

• In the older books, we can see how accurate the predictions were since many were made over a hundred years ago. It offers us a wider time perspective, and that can be fun.

• So much of what has been taught as new New Age is actually old New Age material recycled.


One way I locate free books is in search engines. I type in the name of the author or the title of books (if I know it) and then add “pdf” in my query. If a book has been posted online as a pdf, it will show up in the search results. (Caution: there are also sites that pop up that want you to pay a fee to access “free” PDF books. I have not tried these links as it seems a bit shady.)

Here is a site with a collection of books you can download. (Further explore the site by clicking on the Index link at the bottom.)

Another site filled with free books.

I have also had luck searching on Amazon and putting in a price of zero. You never know when you’ll get lucky.

Have you found a site or a link to a specific book or collection of books for downloading that you found worthwhile? Please share it in the comments.

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