Letters from heaven

It’s common for people who patronize mediums to ask if their loved ones made it to heaven and if they’re OK.

They’re usually fine.

Understandably, some people have serious concerns about the safety of their loved ones. If someone died violently from a suicide, homicide, overdose, combat, or accident, it’s normal to worry about how they are or if they had a rough passing.

We often package our deepest concerns within the ubiquitous blanket question “Are you OK?” Yet that question often hides what we really want to know deeper down.

A deeper, more meaningful question might be, “Am I forgiven?” Or, “Did [that person] truly know me?” Or, “Did [that person] ever realize how much she hurt me?”

We sometimes ask a simple question hoping that it will eventually lead to what we really want to know deeper down. And of course we hope for more than a yes or no answer.

Generally speaking, mediums do not provide verbatim translations of what a ‘spirit’ is saying. They may provide fascinating evidence such as an obscure detail that the medium theoretically could not know. Mediums also can translate ‘impressions’ of what the spirit is saying by interpreting the input they are getting.

TV drama and book fiction often exaggerate what mediums are capable of doing in the real world. The motivation behind developing electronic communications with ‘spirit’ is to make a more accurate and reliable way to text or converse. This would cut out so much guesswork.

If you are in something of a limbo state about your ‘deceased loved ones,’ here is an alternative to seeking out mediums or waiting for the SoulPhone™ to arrive.


If you already fancy yourself as a medium, you have likely already conversed with your loved ones. If you don’t think of yourself as a medium, I want to suggest a do-it-yourself exercise:

Write a letter to yourself from someone you love who is currently living in what we call the other side, the spirit world, the afterlife, nirvana, or heaven. In that letter, describe what’s going on in that person’s daily life. Write it as if that person is writing to you. Give yourself freedom to discuss whatever comes up, such as feelings, confessions, passions, regrets. Just go for it and write whatever come to you.

No one is saying you’re not making this up. Forget about the “reality” of this process. Just go with it and see what happens.

I’ve learned from being a creative writer that even when I knowingly write fiction, an underlying current of creative brilliance comes through that I’m not consciously controlling. Ideas just pop in. It’s this essence I hope you experience.

Mediums frequently say that ‘spirits’ plant thoughts into their heads. Be open to the possibility that the “voice of your imagination” is being inspired.

As a creative writer, I often start a story having no idea where it’s headed. I let the creative flow guide me. Sometimes I as the creator am as surprised as readers. Tradition might say that I am (or that my brain is) creating the story, but for all I know, the inner voice could originate from another consciousness that is interacting with me.

I believe that it does not matter if you are making it up. Creativity remains a big mystery. If you feel good about it and it leads you to some great revelations, healing, or comfort, I think that’s good enough.


For some, even the idea of doing this may be too scary. Religious inhibitions, fears about writing, or just plain resistance to self-discovery may intervene.

If you do proceed, I recommend keeping this process to yourself. It’s for you and your growth, similar to journal writing. Some people could be very critical or insulting if you discuss your intentions or your results.

A word of caution should also be made about scary stuff. We live in a world where there’s so much horror and violence on parade. If you start writing and the tone goes negative, vengeful, or demeaning, it’s most likely an invention of your ego mind and not ‘spirit communication.’

Generally speaking, ‘spirits’ are not hostile, cynical, vengeful, or guilt-trippy. They’ve discovered that life is eternal and that flesh existence is a learning experience. They’ve learned that fear is not enlightenment. Many of them are reaching out seeking forgiveness, for they know more now about a greater reality than they knew here.

If this writing doesn’t feel right, then just like you’d turn away from a boring or ugly TV show, change the channel. This exercise is not supposed to be spooky; to the contrary, it can be healing and inspirational.


Doing this exercise is one way to hone your conception of the universe. Even when you “make things up,” you’ll draw from everything you know or imagine about the cosmos. It keeps you in touch with your beliefs as well as with the essence of your loved ones.

You can design this exercise in whatever way works best for you. Maybe you feel uncomfortable writing as that person, so an alternative might be to write as yourself to that person. You can write either a monologue or a conversation. You can write as realistic as possible or as fun and fanciful as you like.

No matter what you do creatively, you will likely experience some special moments of discovery. Thoughts may pop in you never would have expected. Memories may be stirred up. You may encounter periods of high emotion as you feel a connection, give or receive forgiveness, or feel the love. Tears may come with waves of emotion; that’s fine.

When I write letters to myself like this, I feel a sense of warmth and I must say love. Even when I doubt that the person/spirit is actually there, I bask in the warmth of the affection I feel for them.

When I write about eternal living, my thoughts seem upgraded into a world I would like to see and live in. I project my loved ones into that world. For me it’s a combination of imagination and what I’ve gleaned from reading about near-death and out-of-body experiences. Very rarely do I ever encounter anyone in ‘spirit’ saying that dying sucked. The greater reality agrees with them, and they know reunions will happen.

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