Other ITC voices

My focus in writing Soul Phone Views has primarily been on the SoulPhone™ project headed up by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz at the University of Arizona sponsored Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health in Tucson.

In these posts I’ve been speculating on what could happen when/if the SoulPhone technology is perfected and introduced to our world. How could it change things? How might our ordinary lives be impacted?

Schwartz and his team are not alone in this quest, but his is the one I’m most familiar with. Other individuals have also been involved for decades trying to perfect instrumental transcommunication (ITC) techniques.

I just stumbled onto this episode of New Thinking Allowed from 2017 in which afterlife researcher and professor Dr. Stafford Betty discusses ITC with host Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove. (Click to view.)

It’s worth watching if you’re curious what other groups and individuals are doing to study phenomena where alleged spirits appear to or converse with material humans. Mishlove’s interviews seem more grounded in actual parapsychology and academic approaches to studying these phenomena than sensationalistic populist shows.

Dr. Betty, a university professor, has written several books on afterlife research along with many academic papers.

Mishlove has a treasure chest of shows available for free viewing on YouTube.

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