Good news, bad news

Good news: one senior scientist working on the SoulPhone project made an exciting engineering breakthrough in one of the techniques being explored for possible use in the SoulSwitch™. This marks a shift in the technology from one way of doing things to a different way because the second way is superior.

Bad (but not really) news: the new-and-improved approach to the SoulSwitch, which Dr. Gary Schwartz believes will facilitate a better functioning and lower-cost device, means a postponement of the SEED events originally scheduled for February and March of 2020 in Florida.

From the SoulPhone Foundation website:

“We will now shift our focus to producing a highly accurate Electronic SoulSwitch (ESS) that should enable development of the SoulKeyboard.  

“The keyboard, in turn, will greatly increase the quantity and quality of communication with post-material (‘deceased’) scientists and inventors. Key information from them should allow creating SoulAudio and SoulVideo, that is, talking with and seeing post-material persons.” 

See the whole article here.

Personally, I strongly support this delay, especially if it leads to a more useful and reliable SoulKeyboard. The SEED events are not cancelled, just delayed while the team works with the breakthrough technology.

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash