Calling Earth

Maybe you are new to looking into the use of electronic devices in receiving messages and in some cases having conversations with the so-called dead. Maybe you would like a refresher on what’s already been experienced.

I invite you to check out the excellent documentary Calling Earth. It’s free to view on the Internet.

Just click here.

For myself, the research work documented in this film was background information for why I took seriously the work of Dr. Gary Schwartz, the lead researcher on the SoulPhone project at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

This documentary offers a plethora of answers to common skeptical criticisms of the idea that we can speak to the dead. It will give you some background on some of the research that has been done and the surprising experiences a few people in ordinary life have had.

The documentary gives a good overview of electronic voice phenomena (EVP), instrumental transcommunication (ITC), direct radio voice (DRV), visual ITC, and physical mediumship.

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