Public demonstrations

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Would you like to be first in line to see a public demonstration of the SoulSwitch™ and help further research into this exciting technology?

In SEED Events—the acronym stands for SoulPhone Education Ethics Demonstrations—patrons will learn about the new technology. The full-day events commencing February 8, 2020 with stops in four Florida cities will demonstrate the current Phase 2 prototype of the SoulSwitch.

The price of admission is essentially a donation to assist future development of the Phase 3 prototype. By attending this event, you help bring this potentially life changing technology to the world.

To place SEED Events in context, this demonstration shows the viability of an emerging technology. It would be like witnessing early prototypes of personal computers or telephones. You’ll see a work in progress and get a clear picture of what has been happening with the research.


Dr. Mark Pitstick, Director of The SoulPhone Foundation, will discuss the benefits of this new technology, especially for those suffering grief or searching for answers. He will demonstrate the technology with the assistance of “postmaterial” persons from the A-team, these being “deceased” luminaries who are assisting with the SoulPhone R&D. The current technology can detect and provide visible results of interactions with postmaterial persons.

The events will also feature Dr. Gary Schwartz and Rhonda Schwartz via video-conferencing. Dr. Schwartz will discuss the science behind the SoulPhone. Rhonda Schwartz, a research medium, will share her experiences with the A-Team.

At the end of the day, a Q&A session with all the presenters will be offered.

The current schedule is February 8 in Tampa, February 22 in Kissimmee, March 7 in Fort Myers, and March 14 in West Palm Beach.

For more specific information, visit this page.

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