Spirit guides on the phone

Disclaimer: Science has not yet demonstrated that spirit guides and angels even exist despite copious anecdotal evidence that they do. That said, this visionary speculation supposes that they do exist.

How would your life change if you could speak directly with your spirit guides whenever you felt the urge? What would happen if SoulPhone™ technology advanced to the point where such contact was not only possible but readily available?

Granted that this is nowhere near happening yet, but just consider the possibilities that technology advances to the point where you could place validated, authenticated calls to a source we call our guide/angel.

Spiritual teachers tell us that we can already communicate with our spirit guides telepathically, in meditation, in sleep dreams, and by being mindful of whispers of inspiration. But what if the heavenly go-ahead has been issued for this global shift—a new Renaissance—and we become empowered to chat in real time with our those we consider our guides/guardian angels?

One generally accepted spiritual concept is that we incarnate on earth to learn through our challenges. Some are like bunny slope challenges such as a bad day at the office. Others are like extreme sports such as a loved one’s terminal illness or unexpected passing. Some spiritual teachers say that the difficulty in communicating with our guides exists so that we do the hard work of learning how to truly listen. Just the idea of a high-tech hotline to heaven could offend people who have spent twenty years learning how to meditate or who have labored to perfect mediumship for themselves.

Yet many inventions revolutionized something that was once labor-intensive. Progress marches on. For instance, it used to take months to travel cross-country like during the California Gold Rush days; now it’s just hours by plane. When inventions happen, society at large needs to choose how to use them and cope with the consequences, some positive, some not.

We could be at a spot in our human evolution where the hypothesized powers that be have granted this kind of communication between the spirit and physical realms. While some people think of this invention as an engraved invitation for supposed demonic forces to go hog wild and reap more havoc on earth than there already is, it could also be a planned upgrade, or in more religious-style terms, a transition to ushering in heaven on earth.


If talking to guides became as easy as making a phone call to any present-day hotline, would people use the service? (Assume that it has been designed to be as secure as going online to do your banking.)

It might be inviting to think that if you ever had a problem, you could call a wise being. Yet there’s a flip side: The wise being might get uncomfortably confrontational, albeit in the spirit of love.

This kind of confrontation can be found in Michael Newton PhD’s Journey of Souls, pages 60-61. Ross Feldon, who committed suicide, meets up with his guide Clodees, and they have a life review debriefing. As loving and supportive as Clodees is, he still prods Ross about his choices in life. Ross did squirm and argue during the encounter.

By contrast, mediums channeling guides usually do not provide confrontational messages. They predominantly offer sweetness and light. Mediums often assure clients that they won’t be hearing anything bad or scary; only love is spoken here.

An example is Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium, author of Soul Smart, who said in a 2015 video, “You are always in charge of your own life. With your thoughts, words, and actions, you co-create your future. The guides are just a fantastic resource. They are always on stand-by. I call them the unsung heroes of the spirit world.”

As someone who likes personal growth, I think I would rather be gently confronted in the here and now when I could more efficiently do something about any unfinished business or shortcoming. Why wait until a life review if I could have input now? If I am doing things that are earning me “bad karma points,” I would rather change course now than later. A SoulPhone conversation would seemingly cover those issues, perhaps with more clarity than messages sent through a medium.

Would having a phone call with a guide be like cheating on a test in Earth School, or would it be more like getting guidance from Mission Control on a space journey? I think the latter. Even with guidance I would have to do the work of making positive changes.

There would be no obligation to phone your guides. The “old-fashioned” way would still work just fine. It’s just that the SoulPhone could create another way for people who would like to make that choice.


If we could actually speak with spirit guides or luminaries who used to live in material bodies on earth, that would establish something that much of mainstream society currently does not accept. What is now largely considered religious belief—the idea that we live eternally as souls—could be scientifically demonstrated as a greater reality. Perhaps we could get present-day input on what now comes through biblical interpretation, channeling, books both modern and ancient, and so on. It could be established that humanity has a purpose here; that our existence is not just chance. It could motivate many people to re-think their life priorities.

It would not be the role of guides to make our lives comfy with continuous gifting of coffee and cake. They would not give us winning lottery numbers. We are still here to learn, even to struggle, possibly in some cases even to suffer. But like a good life coach they could help us clarify our thinking and offer in a more tangible way the message that we are not alone (even when it feels as if we are desperately alone.)

We’re still years, maybe decades way from anything this sophisticated to be on the table, but I find it fun to consider the possibility.

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