Education and SoulPhone

Many forces keep us rooted in thinking ruts. The media we consume often keep us stuck in thought habits. Peer and family pressure to conform keep us stuck in habits and beliefs. Politics often keeps us rooted to ruts. Religion keeps some from exploring alternative ways of thinking that might contradict dogma.

And then there’s education.

Once the SoulPhone™ has debuted and communication from our postmaterial friends has gained traction in the world, education as an institution will need to take notice.

In the first place, some universities will already be conducting research on consciousness and what we now call paranormal activity. Second, the SoulPhone as conceived and designed will have a scientific pedigree. Society tends to think that what science proves is reality. Third, the mainstream media will be in a feeding frenzy covering all the ramifications of the SoulPhone as they become known, and educational institutions will be socially compelled to conduct further research.

Eventually this will filter down into grade schools. Just imagine what could happen when school curricula, based on new scientific evidence, begin to teach that death is just a transition to another dimension.

Think of all the lessons currently taught, both academic and through the culture, that involve dying. Think of all the stories, history lessons, current events, and language use that involve death. Think, too, of all the death symbolism and fear of death that have been used over the ages to teach and motivate students. This will all be subject to change.

Conceivably, the shift from dead as a doornail to migration to another dimension may have a profound effect on the rest of the stories presented in public education. One implicit promise of education is to get one ready to become a productive member of adult society. When it is understood that a life on earth is intended to assist one’s spiritual growth in a scope larger than one physical lifetime, lessons in school could be radically changed.

Besides the lesson that we don’t really die, another observation may be something related to karma. Lessons from near-death experiencers will make more people aware that a life review follows bodily death. The recently ‘deceased’ see and feel their words and deeds toward others. Students will learn that their thoughts and actions count. For example, they will learn that bullying someone else may likely have consequences for the bully. At some future time, that energy will be mirrored back at the bully. Attacking someone else, therefore, becomes a self-attack.

Students may also learn that secrecy is an illusion of materialism. Imagine the shift it would create in students (and everyone) if it turned out there is no reality to secret-keeping. How would this impact the daily life of just about everyone?

Public education has often clashed with religious dogma while teaching science. This may escalate as science embraces something it has mostly shunned—evidence for the survival of consciousness. Science will present secular research on the continuation of life; religion will likely proffer its own variations on a theme. Some communication from spirits do echo religious themes while others differ from dogma. The universe is probably big enough for both!

Young people are often the greatest agents of change in a society. Younger people are generally not inclined to think about the afterlife that much since it’s not a pressing interest on the playground or in the classroom. However, it could make a great difference in their young lives to learn that life is a continuum, not a dead-end street. That plank in the platform of their education can make such a difference in so many ways.

In this current era, suicide among young people is at an all-time high. While being bullied or in the clutches of depression, young people encounter little in the mass culture to help them cope. Most news and entertainment continues to pump out the message that life sucks. How welcome it would be to open up a powerful antidote for the negativity that plagues us.

Life and love are forever. How might this change the way you live and treat yourself and others?

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