Deep stories

We all have deep stories. These would be stories we constantly tell ourselves that we might not share with everyone, if indeed we share them with anyone.

I call them our deep stories because they are generally not part of our surface personality. We keep them secret. We don’t talk about them unless we feel absolutely safe or up to the challenge of disclosure.

Deep stories live where what you say is not what you are actually thinking. We do this frequently. We learn what not to say or show. We are taught to hide.

While many deep stories are tied to shame, guilt, embarrassment, or fear, sometimes they are cherished dreams, wishes, or fantasies. We keep them private in our mental treasure chests because we don’t want anyone to ruin our hopes and dreams with their criticism or ridicule.

The idea of a soul phone fascinates me because in future generations after its perfection and deployment, it may confirm what some spiritual teachers say: that secrecy is not the slam-dunk we in the material world have assumed. Observers in other dimensions may have a one-way mirror for anything we think and do.

Some mediums and teachers suggest that the secrets we take with us to the grave are not necessarily secrets in the so-called afterlife. If this is true, it makes logical sense that our secrets may be open for discussion, and that might include conversations humans potentially have with postmaterial persons through eventual technology.

How would that change things?


Yes, this is wild speculation on my part. It is based on reading many accounts from channeled writings, mediums’ autobiographies, and other sources indicating that those we call ‘spirits’ are often aware of what we do here. It is entirely a mystery whether or not technological communication with ‘spirit life’ would open a Pandora’s box.

Some people believe that post-material persons would be on their best behavior. They would not argue, debate, or interfere with us. They have learned (or re-learned) that the material plane is Earth School, the major objective of which is to learn about love. Anyone who incarnates gets placed into a stressful, danger-filled world for the purpose of learning how to negotiate its perils through love. So, PMPs have great respect for those of us in the fray.

If they knew our secrets, they would not badger us in the material world. They know we have free will. They know we’re in the midst of the learning process. They keep their rhetoric in a supportive vein. As hard as it may be for some of us to even conceive, they love, including loving our enemies as Jesus suggested we do. 

They are also not big on any of the punishment mentality we have here. It could be said that they keep in mind a much bigger picture of the cosmos. For example, here we might look at a lawbreaker and feel justified in our scorn. There they might look at a law-breaker with the passive indifference of someone enjoying a Quentin Tarantino movie. They know that everyone here is on a learning curve.


I like to envision life with an advanced communication technology as leading us into a faster learning curve—social evolution on steroids. Even if our PMP friends don’t judge us and don’t interfere with our free will choices, just knowing that they are there will be life-altering for us, in my opinion. When we can use a phone to talk to ‘spirit,’ we will know just from casual conversation and observation that they can witness our secrets.

While this might be a chilling concept for some, I see it in the context that we all came here with issues to work on. Some issues we face or situations we encounter are part of our Earth School curriculum that we as souls chose to experience.

Looking at anything that happened to you—including all the circumstances of your birth, genetics, family, and so on—as design more than luck or chance may help to better deal with challenges. It offers a different perspective that may help you deal with something. It gives you the opportunity to ask, “If my higher self designed this, what do I think the lesson was supposed to be?”

Say for example you just suffered a major rejection. You have different options. You can blame the person who rejected you. You can seek revenge. You can turn the love or loyalty you once felt into hate. You can accept that your time was over and move on. You could feel the hurt and then ask if this happened by design, not just bad luck, what is its gift?

Sometimes events seem so tragic or pointless. It helps me to work through it by conceiving it as an Earth School lab project. Even if that turns out to be a fiction, thinking that way still helps me deal with it.

Even though this is a big stretch that likely won’t happen any time soon, I still love to envision what might happen on a global scale if we could have verbal counsel with our ancestors, loved ones, teachers, and guides. How remarkable it would be to share our deep stories!

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