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Soul Phone Views is a site that speculates on what could happen to the world when the highly anticipated SoulPhone™, currently under development, arrives and is widely available.

Metaphorically this is like living in 1903 and speculating on what will happen to the future of aviation after the Wright Brothers flew the first time for 12 seconds.

Simply put, the SoulPhone is a suite of technologies intended to empower us to talk via electronic devices to the so-called dead. The first device, the SoulSwitch™, is a yes/no switch, a fundamental building block in the research and development of other devices. A phase 2 prototype is currently being tested in the lab.

Next would be the SoulKeyboard™, which would give us the ability to text and email with ‘spirit’ or what they call post-material persons (PMPs). SoulVoice™ is at first intended to hear yes/no responses in audio, with continuous conversation the ultimate goal.  SoulVideo™ would allow us to see PMPs.

The above is one set of technologies under development at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health in Tucson, Arizona, USA, headed by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz. However, the content of this site could apply to any technologies developed anywhere that would allow conversational writing, audio, or video with those who have passed.

For speculative purposes, this site makes no claims about any particular device. The focus is if it is invented, then what? Or if you like, “If you build it, they will talk.”


The material on this site is the visionary speculation of Joshua Bagby. It has not been subjected to the rigors of scientific inquiry. The reader should not assume that the views expressed here are the official positions of the SoulPhone Foundation or anyone besides Joshua Bagby.

Visionary speculation is more like a brainstorm of possibilities and probabilities, things to consider in the course of research and development. Science may eventually demonstrate them to be true or false.

While the proper term SoulPhone is liberally used in these pages, the focus is on the working concept of the product more than the actual (eventual) product. The SoulPhone as invented may not be able to do some of the things attributed to it on this site. However, the concept may still be valuable to explore as a mental “what if” exercise if nothing more.


If you’ve had any exposure to electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) or instrumental trance-communication (ITC) or trans-dimensional communication (TDC), you probably sense that a soul phone is not that far-fetched … nothing dedicated research and development can’t overcome.

Even as science-fiction, the idea thrills me. I love envisioning what could happen across society once working soul phone technology exists. How would such a giant leap for humankind change everyday life for ordinary people like you and me?

To my way of thinking, the invention of a reliable and ubiquitous soul phone would make life on this planet about a million and a half times more interesting than it is now! Talk about shift happening. Talk about new rules.

But we shouldn’t wait until the last minute to consider these implications.

So don your trans-dimensional communication, soul phone fun hats, and let’s party.


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