Just pretend

While the SoulSwitch™ is in development with working prototypes being tested in the lab, the version of the perfected SoulPhone™ we like to imagine ourselves using is still years away.

Yet while waiting for it all to gel, a fun and perhaps epiphanous pastime would be to just pretend! Imagine SoulPhone conversations on your own.

You don’t even have to be a believer in the afterlife. Just pretend. Write science fiction. Write comedy. Just do it.

The point I am making is that even without the SoulPhone, we have in our minds (perhaps unconsciously) previews of the kinds of experience we would like to have. It’s very much like people who have a session with a medium. They know in advance what they hope to happen, and some of them telegraph this to the medium during the session.

They want to know that their deceased loved one is OK. They want to give or receive forgiveness. They want good-enough proof of an afterlife to validate their faith or passion. They want to solve a problem they would have ordinarily asked of the person they want to contact now. While some possibly think “surprise me,” I believe that most have an idea or at least a hope.

So why wait? Have that conversation now.

If you like to write, write it. If you don’t like to write, record a session where you play both parts. There’s also no law against having it play out in your head except that you won’t have any record of it. Sometimes it’s amazing to discover an old dialogue and see how it withstood the test of time.

Free yourself of any expectations about whether or not any dialogue that you come up with is real. It doesn’t matter right now.

You may believe that you are actually talking with a ‘deceased’ person. Great!

Just pretend. Just see what happens.

If you are sincere in this, even if you indulge all the humor that may come through, you may decide that this game is something you want to do frequently. At the very least, you will tap into some consciousness you may not ordinarily heed.

In my experience, people often seek out authority figures to validate their inner longings, hopes, and dreams. They have been taught not to “fantasize” or trust their own intuition, so they instead rely on someone else. You may be in for some delicious surprises when you buck that trend.

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