Help me write a book

I am in the process of writing a book speculating about the impact the SoulPhone could have on society in the decades following its introduction. I would love your feedback to help me design a better, more relevant book. It will also help me planning content for this website. Please answer any or all of the questions that follow.

If you are brand new to the SoulPhone technology, you can catch up on what it is by visiting The SoulPhone Foundation website as well as reading more posts on this Soul Phone Views site.

If you wish to email your responses, please copy and paste the questions to answer them and send to Names will not be used if you wish to remain anonymous.

A hearty thank you to those who share.


Please describe any experiences you have already had with ‘spirit’ using material devices (phones, answering machines, computers, radio, TV, or any other ways) to send you messages.

Assuming that the SoulPhone was available and affordable for your personal use, what would you primarily want to use it for?

Who ‘in spirit’ would you wish to contact and why?

If you were to read a book about the SoulPhone and its impact on the world, what topics would interest you the most? What would you like to read about?

How do you think the introduction of the SoulPhone would change the world at large?

How would the introduction of the SoulPhone change your personal life?

If you think the SoulPhone is a bad idea, please share why.

If you could talk to famous ‘historical’ luminaries now living in the ‘spirit world,’ who would you want to talk to and what questions would you ask?

What information from the ‘spirit world’ would dramatically change your personal life for the better if you could get it?

How would the SoulPhone impact your beliefs or fears about aging and dying?

Do you think the SoulPhone would help you get more in touch with who you are and why you’re here?

Please feel free to add any other comments.

Please share this with interested family and friends. Thank you for your help! 

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