Interview with Gary Schwartz, PhD

Click here to listen to a fascinating interview as Dr. Gary Schwartz, PhD describes research into the SoulPhone.

I began doing secret research on the possibility of developing technology, taking advantage of the latest advances in technology, to be able to detect the presence of spirit, and then ultimately create a device that could be used as a user friendly (on both sides) spirit communication technology which I affectionately refer to as the SoulPhone.” — Dr. Gary E. Schwartz


Part of the interview focuses on the so-called A Team, the hypothesized postmaterial collaborators, science jargon for ‘spirits’ assisting the creation of the SoulPhone™. Currently the A-Team works provides information to Dr. Schwartz through evidential mediums, one of which is Suzanne Giesemann who conducted the interview linked to above.

It became an interesting dilemma for Dr. Schwartz whether or not to reveal the identities of the A-Team because they are extremely prominent names in science, technology, and even entertainment. Name-dropping like this is low-hanging fruit for militant skeptics. But what do you do when different evidential mediums independently identify ‘deceased’ luminaries who have come to assist in making the SoulPhone a reality?

For years, Dr. Schwartz kept it a secret. So did the mediums who brought through these notable beings. When he finally decided to go public with this information, he asked those members on the A-Team if it was acceptable to identify them, and it was.


This is actually a broader topic than “Why would a research organization risk its reputation and announce evidence appearing to show contact with ‘dead’ mega-stars?”

It opens the question of what happens to all the luminaries who no longer live in human bodies. If consciousness survives bodily death, where do these household names go? Do they still care about the life they left behind? Do they continue to do the work they were doing? Do they have messages of global importance to share? If they go someplace, could they use the SoulPhone once it is perfected?

I’ll be the first to admit that I have heard some pretty crazy interviews with dead celebrities. I still find these interviews fascinating. Even when my BS detector is vibrating off the wall—said another way, even if it is entirely fictitious—I still enjoy considering the ideas put forth. That said, some of these interviews tickle my fancy while others appall me.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of interviews like this offer little if any substantial proof for their authenticity. The medium just starts talking as if in conversation. In one popular Youtube show, an interviewer tells her ‘deceased’ son to “go fetch” the celebrity she will interview with the help of an alleged channeler. Many mediums elsewhere insist that ‘spirit’ communication does not work this way.

The work performed at the Laboratory for Advancement in Consciousness and Health (LACH) has a vastly superior standard and protocol for research. You can get a sense of this in the interview.

When the SoulPhone eventually arrives, education will definitely be needed to explain how this technology differs from other resources including competing ‘spirit communication’ technologies, mediums, books, video presentations, etc. The above interview illustrates what I think a credible researcher sounds like over some of the show business entities out there.


Find out more about the A-Team in this article written by research medium Rhonda Schwartz who is Dr. Schwartz’s wife.

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