Yes/No switch

I have been surprised to see people in various afterlife-oriented Facebook groups serving up what to me seem like strangely negative opinions about the value of the SoulSwitch™.

For example, “Why is the SoulPhone necessary when anyone can practice EVP and be able to communicate with their loved ones in more than just a yes or no capacity?”

This is an apples to oranges comparison. EVP or electronic voice phenomenon is hardly a reliable method for communicating with ‘spirit.’ It is usually a subjective, time-consuming, and unpredictable experience. A person on earth attempts to decipher words from sounds that appear on recording devices, sometimes unexpectedly and sometimes by request.

Few of these recordings are clear enough to discern objectively and fully agree what is being said. Most EVP exhibits online or in videos include subtitles to “lead the witness” toward the presenter’s best guess. Most of the time, I am thinking, “How did you ever come up with that interpretation? What would the average viewer guess that it said if there were no subtitles?”

While the person who recorded the EVP might be pleased with the results, other factors might be in play. For example, telepathy from the ‘deceased’ could help a person translate otherwise unintelligible noise. Few EVP recordings rise to the level of scientific validation. (You can watch an excellent documentary on this, Calling Earth, for free by clicking on this link.)


It seems that those critical of the SoulSwitch don’t fully understand the significance of this scientific advancement and think of it as a one-purpose invention. In truth, it is a major building block for more complicated inventions to come. In this case, the anticipated invention is the SoulKeyboard™. This devices is expected, with a high degree of confidence, to allow written communication such as texting and emails between the dimensions.

Before you can build a keyboard, you first need to build the on/off or yes/no switch, which is a basis for how everyday computer keyboards work. A keyboard is composed of a series of on/off switches which determine how the letters and characters are input and displayed.

The yes/no switch is also a tool that precedes implementation of more sophisticated audio-visual methods of communicating. It is currently being used to conduct significant data-gathering experiments looking into how people we might call ‘spirits’ interact with our machines.

For example, in scientific jargon, three hypothesized postmaterial collaborators answer a series of ten yes/no questions. Those questions help identify the collaborator. So, for instance, if a medium says that Nicola Tesla is part of the research team in ‘spirit,’ yes/no questions would be designed to help establish or confirm a positive identity.

For example, a researcher might ask Tesla these questions: “Did you discover the theory of relativity? Was your World Power System part of your plan for creating free energy for people around the world? Did you write the musical score for a famous Broadway play? Did you invent the capacitor discharge ignition system?”

The correct answers to those questions should be: no, yes, no, yes.

Later on, researchers confident from the data that they are communicating with Tesla could then ask yes/no questions of a deeply scientific nature. The answers they get could be used to advance the progress of the device technology. While the limits of yes/no questions obviously leave much to be desired, they nevertheless provide a great starting point to advance the research. Imagine being able to ask legendary geniuses yes/no questions in the process of inventing things.

While some people express a “meh” attitude about the SoulSwitch, most likely thinking that they would not personally use such a device, here’s the wow statement:

University based scientific technology has now demonstrated the continuing existence of people whose earthly bodies have died including their ability to communicate with researchers on earth.

This project is not a hobby, a toy, an amusement, a woo-woo app, or a fraud. It is serious research pursued by a senior professor at a prestigious U.S. university. Progress will move on a slower track due to the requirements serious science imposes. Standards for proof of authenticity will be very high for SoulPhone products.


Public demonstrations will begin in February 2020. See more details here.

If you have not yet seen it, you can read the latest update (December 17, 2018) about progress on the SoulSwitch here.

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