Would we use them?

Continuing a conversation that David Sloan started here at the Greater Reality Living site: If we had a SoulPhone™ available to us at a reasonable cost, would we use it? And if we used it, what difference would it make?

Would having the ability to converse with formerly material persons (‘dead people’ in our old vernacular) make any difference whatsoever in how the world operates?

I love to speculate on what could happen when the official SoulPhone arrives, but a basic question remains: how much difference will it make for anyone to have phone access to so-called dead people? How motivating will this reality be? Will it provide enough of a breakthrough to motivate people to take action?

Consider this:

Do you smoke? Do you overeat? Do you drink too much? Do you do drugs? Do you pursue loveless sex? Do you steal? Do you incite fights? Do you gamble away your financial security? Do you over-buy? Do you do anything you aren’t proud of? All of the above? None of the above?

No judgments intended here. It is just to point out something not often discussed in conversations about SoulPhones. We’ll most likely realize that privacy as we know it may not exist for postmaterial persons. The people we talk to on the SoulPhone may know everything about us!

We often do things we know are not healthy for us (and often unhealthy for our families, too.) We have become accustomed to these habits and are often not motivated enough to change our behavior. We function by ignoring the cautionary tales and warnings, even when they don’t have a metaphysical spin. All the marketing forces in our economy prove that we can happily be led into temptation.

So even if a SoulPhone appears on the world stage, and even if it is ringing, will we answer the damn thing? And if we’d answer, would we listen?

Lets go big picture:

If a postmaterial Abraham Lincoln told reporters that war was not the right answer under any circumstances, would any earthbound politician care? Or would the political marketing machines still insist that we needed to spend billions if not trillions on defense (much of which would more accurately be described as offense.)

If a postmaterial Albert Einstein said that climate change is real and that we are  destroying the planet at an unprecedented pace, would politicians call it fake news and turn their backs on ever-increasing pollution and environmental disaster?

If a postmaterial Nicola Tesla said that free energy is available to us but that it’s not being allowed to flourish due to the heavy-handed grip of global energy monopolies, what would we do?

If a postmaterial Marshall McLuhan said that our mass media was keeping us enslaved in a mental prison, perpetually luring us away from the truth, would humanity care? Would humanity fix that broken pipe?

(No, I am not claiming that any of these above named people would say these things. It is just a hypothetical example.)


What about something much more up close and personal? What about conversations with friends and family who no longer dwell in human bodies?

Throughout the spiritual literature over the last couple of centuries, voices from the ‘other side’ revealed through automatic writing, mental mediumship, and out-of-body experiences give humanity plenty of advice. These are preview messages of what the SoulPhone might bring—along with scientifically provable evidence about the legitimacy of the connection to postmaterial persons.

So what if voices from the SoulPhone advised us that certain habits we maintained were hurting us in the big picture. It is said that postmaterial persons do not interfere with our choices on earth, but if asked they might offer advice. Would we listen? Or would we ignore their friendly warnings?

In many cases, I believe it would take people a hefty amount of courage to even talk on a SoulPhone. Fear could easily get in our way as we preview what topics they might bring up. Most of us know the sources of our shame. We would rather not be reminded of our self-defined shortcomings and weaknesses. We might not recognize how much our loved ones changed through their transformation processes.

Literature often suggests that postmaterial people are able to witness anything we think or do. Just the thought that we can no longer keep secrets from those people will spook humans from phoning home. Many people have told me that they do not want to see or hear from the departed in any tangible way; the idea unnerves them. Others had such quarrelsome or abusive relationships they have no desire for a reunion of any type.

A differing view suggests that upon transforming from material life, people often regret how they behaved on earth. They seek forgiveness and to make amends. This sometimes includes trying to reach the material persons they hurt. To make amends, they may show up in readings or do favors behind the scenes of physical life.

Many different scenarios exist in how and why people would want to use an official SoulPhone—or why they wouldn’t. Would you use it?


Steady progress is being made on the research and development of the SoulSwitch™. If you have not read the latest about it from the December 17, 2018 announcement, visit here.

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