SoulPhone update

Most of this site is speculation about how society might change when proof positive arrives that human consciousness survives death of the physical body. Our primary focus here is the technology known as the SoulPhone™.

If you have been following the research and development progress of the SoulPhone, you know that the first device known as the SoulSwitch™ is in phase two of its prototype testing. Dr. Mark Pitstick, Director of the SoulPhone Foundation, released an exciting update today. The announcement (intentionally) coincides with the 115th year anniversary of the first successful Wright Brother’s flight of December 17, 1903.

What’s the connection? When the Wright Brothers demonstrated that heavier-than-air craft could fly, it opened up a brave new world of exploration and invention. At the SoulPhone Foundation, it’s thought that the SoulPhone, which now has a functioning SoulSwitch prototype, is in a similar place. It is a building block upon which more will be built, including the eventual SoulKeyboard™ that will potentially allow texting between humans in body and in ‘spirit.’

Click here to read the latest update on the progress of the SoulPhone. (You will be taken to the Greater Reality Living website.)

2019 promises to be a very exciting year in research and development!

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