Can death be fun?

If reading channeled accounts in books written through mediums is any indication of the nature of death, some deaths are nothing short of festivals of fun. The SoulPhone™ may someday affirm or deny this by allowing us to communicate with postmaterial persons who died on earth but are very much alive and well.


This is not a one-death-fits-all proclamation and disclaimers are required, but reports from many mediums do not support the iconic notion of death being agonizing. For example, this from After Death: Letters from Julia channeled December 23, 1894 about Julia’s life after human death:

“All is so new, and there are such unexpected samenesses as well as differences. When, for instance, we wake into the new life we are still in the same world. There are all the familiar things around us—the walls, the pictures, the window, the bed, and the only new thing is your own body out of which you stand and wonder how it can be that it is there, and that it is no longer you.

“I found myself free from my body. It was such a strange new feeling. I was standing close to the bedside on which my body was lying; I saw everything in the room just as before I closed my eyes. I did not feel any pain in ‘dying’; I felt only a great calm and peace. Then I awoke, and I was standing outside my old body in the room.”

I have heard and read many variations on this theme of what it is like to wake up after the earthly body dies. It is almost a hobby of mine to imagine various scenarios of what this would be like for myself as well as for the average person.


The moment I wake up after bodily death will be the moment that I am totally convinced that humans need to re-define what ‘death’ means. I think, therefore, I am. You can’t cease to exist and think.

At that moment, I will realize in a much more palpable way that life does go on and that there are great (and fun) mysteries to solve. At this point, a bunch of paradigms will shift. I will more fully realize that so much parenting, religious dogma, basic education, and conventional science threw me off course about what life really is. All those fears of being snuffed out in the end, mere ashes to ashes and dust to dust, were needless.

I think this would bring on a rush of joy and elation at the greater reality before me.

I doubt I would feel angry about having been misled all those years. Why?  Because I would be greeted with so many new vistas to enjoy! I could pick up where I left off and explore other parts of the field of all possibilities. It would be like emerging from a thick fog into a sunlit wonderland. In moments of ecstasy, the struggle to get there is forgotten.

Many accounts of near-death and post-death experiences describe being greeted by  loved ones, guides, angels, and pets. This reunion provides instant comfort and a jumpstart to becoming oriented to the next phase of forever. Other reassuring themes are that despite our lack of perceptual acuity to recognize it, we are never truly alone and death is not to be feared.


The SoulPhone’s likely and imminent appearance should provide much more information about the post-death adventure. Early indications are that death is a relatively trivial change amidst unending life. Enhanced communication with postmaterial persons will expand our understandings of what happens after dropping our earthsuits.

As difficult as it may be to conceive at this point in our development as a species, we might come to view death as a joyous occasion that is more akin to graduation from school. This will accelerate as more evidence shows our so-called dead loved ones having a great time—and that life continues after bodily death. We will hear this great news in more places more often, and the old stereotypes will fall.

At one time in the history of humankind, science was convinced that the sun orbited the Earth. Many ideas fell by the wayside once that vision was disproven. The same seismic shift will likely occur when our ‘deceased’ loved ones are able to communicate and share details of their exciting new lives. Fewer people will be taken in by myth that death is awful and should be delayed as long as possible no matter what the cost.

Won’t that be fun?


I mentioned there were some disclaimers.

When people cross over violently, bitterly, or unexpectedly, they may not initially experience a happy landing. A theme that frequently appears in spiritual literature is that our thinking shapes our personal realities. If we’re conditioned while on earth to  fear death or judgment by a jealous, wrathful Creator, we may already be set up to expect a horrible afterlife.

That is a primary reason for us to be prepared for the transition called death. The more clearly we understand how the process works, the better we’ll be able to enjoy the journey when it happens.

I, for one, am looking forward to the emergence of the SoulPhone. I am also eager to see what happens on a global scale when postmaterial people say reports of their demises were greatly exaggerated.

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