Unstill voices

“Some lives are so vivid, it is difficult to imagine them ended. Some voices are so vibrant, it is hard to think of them stilled.”

That’s what former U.S. President George W. Bush had to say in part in a statement about Senator John McCain.

His words intrigued me. I have become very sensitive to the words in mainstream communication that express sentiments about death and dying.

I wonder what Mr. Bush or anyone else who laments “stilled voices” would have to say about the potential for those same voices to speak from the next stage of life after physical death. Who says their voices have to be stilled?

The assumption is that when the brain dies, consciousness dies. It’s also an assumption that has haunted humanity for centuries. It’s an assumption that over two hundred years of afterlife research has challenged.

A physical voice from a human body may indeed have been stilled. If we lived in a world more open to considering new information and scientific findings, we might not be so quick to conclude that McCain’s voice has indeed been stilled.

We might be a little more maverick in our research priorities. Instead of pouring research dollars into dreaming up new weapons of mass destruction, we might be more inclined to research solutions to problems like hunger, illness, energy, violence, and despair.

If the SoulPhone existed today, would people like Mr. Bush be eager to converse with Mr. McCain? Would Mr. Bush want to listen to his unstilled voice?

By the same token, would Mr. McCain be eager to broadcast back to his fellow Americans (and the rest of the world) what he has learned about the greater reality?

University based researchers developing the SoulPhone are convinced that bodily death does not still voices. They are working hard to develop the technology that will give voice to anyone “in spirit” who wishes to communicate with those on earth.

Would those who are issuing eulogies about the senator’s legacy be excited to talk with him if they could? Would they be maverick enough to withstand criticism and speak with—and listen to—the man they publicly praise?

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