Afterlife research is neutral

While many people learn about an afterlife from their religious training, afterlife research is not about religion. It’s religion-neutral.

I have often had the conversation where after someone asks me what I’m interested in, and once I say afterlife research, that person responds with a comment about religion. Like, “Oh, I’m not into religion” or “I hope you find the comfort you’re seeking.”

I personally think of afterlife research as nature study. I’m looking for insight into the greater reality, the one that seems to exist off the radar of materialist thinking but on the radar of people who study consciousness, especially consciousness that seems to have survived physical death of the brain.

Afterlife research takes place amid a miasma of beliefs and customs. A person born and raised in a conservative religious family of any denomination will have a different world view than someone brought up in a liberal, secular environment. Afterlife research needs to cover everybody no matter what version of cosmic reality they were raised to believe.

In many minds, the term afterlife is synonymous with the term heaven. Heaven usually implies a religious judgment call about who can enter. Afterlife and near-death experience research indicates that while there may be heavenly places to visit and dwell in, nonphysical existence is not a religious institution.


Early childhood education and religious training often sets the assumptions we carry for the rest of our lives. Parents, teachers, religious figures, and friends help solidify beliefs that may never change.

The influence of mainstream books, television, and the movies is also undoubtedly huge, although much of it may be subtle. We don’t necessarily notice when we are being entertained or marketed to that we are simultaneously being conditioned in a slew of beliefs that may not be true.

For example, a popular commercial I grew up with was a Schlitz beer commercial. “You only go around once in life. So grab for all the gusto you can.”

I particularly noticed these commercials because at the time I was beginning to hear about reincarnation. I was reading books like Ruth Montgomery’s A World Beyond and The Seth Material channeled by Jane Roberts. Every time I heard “you only go around once in life,” I thought, “Are you sure about that?”

People watching that commercial likely did not think they were getting a religious lesson, albeit materialism as religion. The message was secondary to the mainliner, which was to drink Schlitz Beer. We’re often taught under the radar like that.

If the afterlife is just a normal state of being that we transcend to after physical death of the body, then there is nothing supernatural, odd, woo-wooy, or scary about it. It’s just a normal, natural occurrence.


When a working SoulPhone is developed, it will offer up content that will most likely rattle the cages of many earthly paradigms. We might get a phone call from Stephen Hawking, for example. He might have a few important announcements. Considering the projects he was working on just prior to his recent death, he might offer welcome news.

Work on developing the SoulPhone is a highly scientific venture, but one that includes an openness to metaphysical ideas not commonly accepted in the scientific community as a whole.

Some indication of the shake-up in consciousness that the SoulPhone may bring is contained in the book Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness by Dr. Eben Alexander. Previously a staunch materialist who firmly believed that the brain (and the brain alone) created consciousness, he had a profound near-death experience that convinced him of a greater reality beyond anything he had conceived before.

For those of us who haven’t had near-death or out-of-body experiences, the eventuality of the SoulPhone could give us revolutionary proof positive of life beyond death and a good reason to re-think the choices we make in physical life. But these will be based on nature study, not religious study, because the SoulPhone will open up grand new portals of knowledge.


See the SoulPhone Difference—why the SoulPhone is different than other “soul phones” out there.

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