How real is the SoulPhone?

Back in the late 1930s, a college professor trashed a term paper my future father wrote on the possibility of space flight to the moon. Any speculation at the time about such feats of flight were beyond the scope of legitimacy, at least so far as getting good grades in college went.

That’s where we are with the SoulPhone™, a device intended to allow humans in the flesh to communicate with entities not in the flesh. How is that possible? How can we take this seriously? What’s real?

I usually write about the SoulPhone as if it’s already a reality. I speculate on what might happen once it’s here and commonly available. I let others speculate on how it’s going to get here. So where are we today with its development and what prompted me to get excited about it in the first place?

I actually tend to be rather skeptical. I have become even more skeptical the more I have paid attention to famous psychic mediums and the rock star culture that forms around them. They may perform some amazing feats in readings where they seem to talk with the dead, but many of them also co-sell what I consider to be some pretty outrageous fictions about the spirit world.

A SoulPhone would bring a much more relatable method for communicating with spirit. It would presumably offer recordable voices so that like the Leslie Flint tapes, researchers in this field would have something much more tangible to go by.


To judge for yourself how seriously to take the potential of the SoulPhone, I am providing here some highlight videos, websites, and articles. These are intended to help you come to your own conclusions about whether you think that the SoulPhone may come of age within the next few years.

The documentary Calling Earth, which was expanded in 2017, offers a view into electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) and instrumental transcommunication (ITC.)  It shows different case stories about people who received messages from the so-called dead, some of which were interactive conversations! It also discusses objections skeptics have made and how those objections have been addressed through further testing. If you haven’t been exposed to this before, it’s both enlightening and easy to watch. (It’s also useful to read the comments on the page where the video is posted.)

Here is the website of the SoulPhone Foundation, an organization created to support the research and development work that Gary Schwartz, Ph.D. is spearheading. It’s a more “serious” site than this one, which is to say less speculative and emotional. I tend to be much more gee, wow in my presentation.

Here is the current state of the research as provided by the SoulPhone Foundation on its site.

Here is an interesting article on the SoulPhone by SoulPhone Foundation co-founder Dr. Mark Pitstick. It’s a succinct overview on the various SoulPhone technologies under research and development. Check out his Soul Proof site for its many valuable articles that you can read free of charge.

Here is an article about Dr. Gary Schwartz and his work by prolific afterlife research author Michael Tymn.

Here is an fascinating website/blog on instrumental transcommunication or ITC (“the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit.”) Mark Macy was featured in the documentary Calling Earth.

That’s just a starter kit.

The sources above consist of a more studious (one could say academic) approach to this subject. Mine is more of a walk on the wild side to predict possible ramifications of such a device being brought to society. As is true with most brainstorming and “what if” exercises, not all will make muster in the final analysis, but if I draw attention to the research, I will have served my intention.

If you have other resources you think should be included, please link to them in the comments.

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