Soul phone myths

When I check out various afterlife groups and forums online, I sometimes see discussions about the SoulPhone. This is where I glean insights about how other people conceive the technology and its potential. Being the grand optimist, I am sometimes surprised at some of the negative reasons people post for why the SoulPhone is an idea whose time should be delayed.

Here are some of those negative myths:

Pandora’s box. The idea of a device that could facilitate conversations between flesh humans and human-in-spirit causes some people to fear that such an invention would open a Pandora’s box of problems. Much of this is based on the premise that society is already so messed-up it could not handle such a radical change.

The dark side. A very common notion that people have is that a SoulPhone will open the doorway for evil spirits and malfeasant creeps to victimize people here. They could feed flesh humans a bunch of falsehoods that would confuse, irritate, and outright deceive us. The dark side in essence brings Hollywood horror stories to life. We’ve been conditioned to expect the worst.

Soul phone addiction.  People often characterize a soul phone as being like today’s cell phone service. It’s as if a high-tech magic wand will wave and you can have contact-on-demand with the spirit world. In turn, it is theorized, this will create a growing dependence on the device with people expecting that answer peeps in spirit will constantly solve their problems and steer them away from conflict. Too much of a good thing leads to decadence.

Rejection. What happens if you place a call to someone in spirit and that person declines to communicate with you? Will that lead to hurt or offended feelings? Would something like that demoralize people from seeking spiritual wisdom if their calls were not answered? Would perceived rejection even create depression and despair?

Government interference. Some people think that if a soul phone would be as powerful as theorized, the government would surely find ways to shut it down. For example, what if national security secrets were available via contact with the spirit world? What if government conspiracies were exposed? What if secrets currently kept were made public? What if it turned out that the spirit world wanted to see global equality—the end to war, nationalism, hostile patriotism, harmony first?

Corporations will steal the technology. If a soul phone could dramatically alter people’s perception of reality, it would endanger a wide variety of commercial interests. For example, what if spirit luminaries passed along a safe alternative energy source, a cure for cancer, or different and more reliable way to get truthful information? Can you see certain industries up in arms over the possibilities? They would likely attempt to thwart development of a soul phone, such as by purchasing patents and putting them in the intellectual property deep freeze.

Religions will fight or flight. Many people believe that organized religion is more of a business than a source for truth. Soul phone technology will likely contradict many operating principles of various religions, especially when scholars can talk with luminaries in spirit by SoulPhone. (“Jesus, what did you mean by live thy neighbor.”) This will threaten the faith and influence the economic viability of the religions.

Toys for the wealthy. Particularly in the United States, some mediums charge exorbitant prices for their services, such as over $500 an hour. Some critics worry that SoulPhone technology will command a similar high price and only the well-to-do would be able to afford to play with it.

Mediocrity. Mediums often complain privately about the petty questions their clients ask. It’s like an insult to mediums to be turned into a living Magic 8 Ball and treated like an entertainer instead of a learning facilitator. Some people worry that once a SoulPhone is developed, it will be used more as a recreational device than an opportunity for serious mind expansion and planetary evolution.

While there may be partial truth to any of these concerns, there will also be balancing forces. They are not strong enough reasons to halt the research and development of such a potentially important communications device.

Discussing these concerns is healthy, however. It helps to develop guidelines and principles for a healthy roll-out of the product when it is developed. What concerns do you have that should be addressed?

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