SoulPhones for the undead

Most posts in this blog are about using eventual soul phone technology for flesh people to converse with people-in-spirit. It is conceivable that there could be another very exciting use of the device: conversing with the undead.

What do I mean and what am I thinking?

There are people on this planet who cannot talk. One group would be anyone unconscious or in a coma. Another group would be people who suffer from a medical condition such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, brain damage, mental disability, or other physical problem that limits their ability to communicate normally.

Some mediums and metaphysicians have been studying this problem. The mediums claim that they can indeed talk to the spirits of the humans in coma.

Some scientists studying instrumental transcommunication (ITC) have also been experimenting in this area. A most prominent researcher is Sonia Rinaldi in Brazil. She has succeeded in communicating with the normal consciousness of a non-verbal autistic girl, an Alzheimer’s patient, a person with senile dementia, and a person with ALS. She has also communicated with someone who was asleep during the experiments.

To find out more about Sonia Rinaldi’s work, visit here.

Another exciting potential use of this technology would be communicating with the soul or higher selves of unborn or born-but-preverbal children. This would be a game changer in parenthood. Wouldn’t it be amazing if parents-to-be had the opportunity to learn about the incoming person’s intent with the new incarnation? Or what if parents of babies could communicate with the souls of their infants?

To find out more about Sonia Rinaldi’s work communicating with unborn children, visit here.


Could a SoulPhone ever be used to converse with the consciousness of someone who exists in physical life but who for whatever reason can’t talk here?

If we think about using a Soulphone as how we flesh humans hold smartphones to make calls, it might be quite a stretch to imagine such a thing. If a person here with gross physical limitations could not use a cell phone, how could he possible handle one in a different dimension?

But if Sonia Rinaldi’s work is any indication of possibilities, spirits of the living might indeed be able to use SoulPhones. It might not be so far-fetched after all. Mediums often suggest that materialism to the contrary, we co-exist both in spirit and in flesh. Mind likely exists outside the body and not inside brain as usually conceived. If mind exists outside the body, it could communicate no matter what state the body is in. Maybe the rules of physical reality here would not apply.

Some mediums have also chatted with the consciousness of extraterrestrials as well as with humans from other dimensions in time. If it were possible, these would also be a potential contacts for a soul phone conversation.

While much of this sounds like science fiction, inventions have a way of leading to other things not considered possible. At the time of the Wright Brothers, who would have thought that we’d be landing on the moon six decades and change later? Who knows what we’ll find when a SoulPhone is invented and its potential explored?

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Photo by Tara Raye on Unsplash