Soul phone and change

When we talk about social changes brought about by the invention of a SoulPhone®, we are talking in chunks of years. Change won’t happen instantly, all at once.

On the other hand, once texting, audio, and video from spirit dimensions becomes a reality, which could begin as soon as two years, change will definitely accelerate.

There’s a huge set of traditions, myths, and habits that a SoulPhone, like any other radically new technology, will face. A small example: once big HDTVs hit the market, it radically changed the popularity of certain pieces of furniture. People who owned expensive entertainment centers that were designed for 27″ TVs were suddenly out of fashion and out of luck. Just a few years down the road from that point, I read online laments about how people could not even give those beautiful entertainment centers away! One lady rebelliously burned hers in the back yard. I watched a landlord take a sledge hammer to another one that a former resident had left behind. Even Goodwill wouldn’t take them.

The point is that we often do not know what a new technology will bring along with it, and that is why I enjoy exploring changes likely to occur with the advent of the SoulPhone.


Right now, most talking-to-spirit devices (including human mediumship) deliver vague, imprecise, often symbolic or abstract responses. There’s plenty of room for doubt in the interpretation of the message. Much of the time, conducting a “conversation” with spirit through a medium or a device is like a guessing game, primitive at best. Skilled celebrity mediums may be “spot on” with a high percentage of their readings, according to those being read, yet even so the results are nothing like a theorized SoulPhone conversation would provide.

Others today are experimenting with various forms of electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and instrumental transcommunication (ITC), often to connect with specific departed loved ones. As an outsider looking and listening in, I find it quite a stretch that many of these brief audio clips are translated as they are. I didn’t hear it that way. Kudos to the dedicated researchers who are studying this phenomenon as afterlife evidence, but in more amateur realms, swearing that So-and-So said such-and-such within all that static noise is unconvincing.

Much doubt and skepticism exist about the various methods being explored to facilitate spirit communication. It’s nowhere near perfect yet. It’s sometimes hard for the average person to discern between serious scientists and casual hobbyists. The profusion of more amateurish and even silly claims about connecting with spirit with various woo-woo boxes and apps only give red meat to skeptics. I think that’s one reason why many people hear something like SoulPhone and easily scoff at it before investigating what the people working on the SouPhone are actually doing. On various afterlife forums I check in with, the SoulPhone is often considered a too-far-out-there hunk of tech lore.

The tendency to pooh-pooh the unproven, undeveloped technology keeps people blinded by the fog of ignorance. I prefer to plan ahead, which is why I like to ponder some of the probable consequences soul phone technology (in whatever form it eventually arrives) could deliver to the world.

We could soon see our grasp on reality turn into a graveyard filled with obsolete entertainment centers of the mind.


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