What is the true nature of fun?

Is that a no brainer? Do we all instinctively know what fun is? When someone tells us to “have fun,” is there some unified, objective meaning? And does it matter?

My own thinking is that we could be in for quite a surprise how the nature of fun would change if through soul phone technology it is categorically proven to us that there is no death, only transition, caterpillar to butterfly. That, of course, would mean that there are other worlds in our future to explore, some of which could be spectacularly different from here.

Soul phone technology could change the way many people look at death, which in turn could help drastically reduce the fear of death.

Psychologists currently have a field day theorizing how the conscious and unconscious fear of death shapes human behavior. This is especially true when it is believed that you only go around once in this world; that you need to collect all the experiences and goodies you can before you croak. Like eating at a scrumptious buffet, when you finish the meal, that’s it. You probably leave stuffed, even regretting that you crammed so much down the gullet. The fear of missing out keeps us eating. Similarly, the fear of death generates plenty of anxiety and ups the ante on the fear of missing out.

When the end game changes and human consciousness no longer worries about extinction, global psychology will probably change.


So what does this have to do with fun?

If you use the mass media reflection of society, the idea that some people maintain of what’s fun is actually more an expression of rage.

Maybe someone’s idea of fun is bullying and insulting people. Maybe it is destroying other people’s property. Maybe it is gossiping and impugning others’ reputations. Maybe it is pranking others to bring on their suffering for your entertainment. Maybe it is exploring the advantages you hold over others. Maybe it is the paradoxical fun of giving play-by-play narratives of your victimhood.

Many of the ways we have fun in this culture amount to comparison, competition, lording power, and attempting to show off our self-perceived superiority. You could call it mean fun.

Much of that could change if soul phone technology helped to re-define the human condition. Fun could end up being more harmony and pleasure-based. I think of it as Pepperland before the Blue Meanie invasion or after it was liberated. All you need is love.

Fun may turn into something more like the joy of exploration, competition with one’s self, mastering something, learning new things for pleasure’s sake. It might be celebrations, gatherings, concerts, trips to new places, and events (that absolutely everyone can afford to attend.) Everyone has his or her own idea of what fun would be, but having it at someone else’s expense would fall out of favor.

This would not happen instantaneously. I see this as a longer-range evolution as humanity becomes more familiar with the next phase of life beyond flesh life. Reports coming in from sources like the mediumship of Leslie Flint appear to reveal a much more positive-based culture on the other side, especially in the higher realms. I do not get that “fun” for them involves the level of mental cruelty more in fashion here.

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