Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment breeds where people in power unfairly assert their dominance over others, effectively turning those victims into slaves of desire. Whether that power is large or small, the harasser wields it over someone who has less power.

Over the long haul, which could take a few generations of social consciousness-building, soul phone technology could very much alter the whole picture of power by introducing a new perspective on life in the flesh that the spirit world provides.

How could a SoulPhone-endowed culture create such change? By closing current loopholes that let harassment flourish.

When flesh people talk to spirit people in verifiable, recordable conversations, humanity will have to grapple with the news that death as we know it only involves the body. Consciousness continues onward. In turn, we are held accountable for whatever we did while living in the body. Secrecy is not a given. We cannot hide from our actions.

For potential perpetrators of sexual harassment, soul phone technology may impress upon them that their activities are an open book. There will come a reckoning somewhere along the line, even if that happens in another dimension. Some would call this karma, but karma is often interpreted as punishment, which is probably not the truth. Karma is more about achieving balance by experiencing a wide range of situations over multiple lifetimes, customarily thought to include different races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, economic statuses, and major life events.


It is logical to assume that if SoulPhones were as reliable as cell phones, there would be a massive increase in communication between the dimensions. Not only would you be able to talk with deceased loved ones, but there would be dramatically increased opportunities for communication with guides, teachers, and counselors. This form of education would help shift balances of power as well as sexual consciousness.

Victims of sexual harassment could find release, healing, and relief via soul phone technology in the form of counseling. They won’t have to suffer alone. They could find help. While its not the job of the spirit world to constantly protect us from our own poor choices, our so-called soul contracts, or our growth lessons (aka pain), conversations with spirit could nonetheless pique our awareness and help us steer clear of unhealthy situations.

Our social tendency is to characterize sexual harassers as creepy peeps. As well-deserved as this may be, it’s also true that creepy behavior is usually a cry for help or a misguided attempt to reconcile childhood injuries. Who knows what kind of help could be offered through soul phone technology that would channel a potential harasser’s energy into more positive, congenial behavior?


In the meantime, sex itself would likely get a refreshed image. In countless ways in our culture, sex is usually depicted as physical activity, primarily about sensual pleasure and what bodies can do. It also often involves status ranking—who’s the fairest in the land, and why? We’re often taught to worship the physical components of sex and to ignore the mental, emotional, and spiritual. This creates sex without soul, which is the major reason why it often feels empty of meaning. Is that all there is? What happened to fulfillment?

I think of this as not respecting sex. We dumb it down into a comic book iteration.

In this context, sexual predators do their harassing without considering their victim’s thoughts and feelings. They are just looking for a physical exhibit void of true intimacy. They want to make something sexual happen through their abuse of power. They want an ego boost sex of having someone comply with their wishes; compliance helps them feel more powerful. “Look what I can make them do!”

The more people start to recognize the mental, emotional and spiritual joys sex can bring, the less appealing physicality alone becomes. Since something this holistic is not frequently depicted, there are few models for the average media consumer to aspire to. Out of sight, out of mind. Garbage in, garbage out. Education via SoulPhones could provide a much needed new perspective.

A major change in thinking also occurs when the study of reincarnation (or soul phone technology) reveals that a human’s gender is not permanent and absolute. We are not exclusively male or female; for each flesh lifetime we chose our gender for specific reasons. Like a thrill ride at Disneyland, it will eventually end.

Our human cultures so often create hostilities between the genders that the concept of “making love” becomes all the more elusive to find. Too often we make sex, not love. That could change with new awareness.

It may seem like a stretch to think that soul phone technology would change planetary attitudes about sex and harassment, but paradigms are likely to shift. The more we’re exposed to descriptions of the afterlife and why certain conditions prevail on Planet Earth, the more likely we are to make big changes in our world.


In his book Understanding Life After Death, author Cyrus Kirkpatrick, fluent in having out-of-body experiences, asserts that yes, there is sex in other dimensions. He paints a picture of a world or dimension where sexuality is arguably more beautiful, holistic, and harmonious than is customary here. He even suggests that in some places in the astral reams there is physicality like here but one could say at a higher level of love and consciousness.

If this turns out to be true and spirits communicate about it from the other side, I predict that there will be a ripple effect from one dimension to another. People will want to be ready for the astral pleasures that in the flesh world sound amazing.