The dark side

A frequently cited objection to soul phone technology is how could we tell that anyone we contacted on the device was not a dark force? How could we discern that the spirit we’re chatting with is actually the person/soul it’s alleged to be? If we never knew that person in physical life, such as an Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison, how would we know that we’re not sharing all our secrets and insights with some imposter?

This questions intrigue me. It says plenty about the culture humanity has created. It represents how much we fear evil, and I believe that stems from how much we confront deceit, brutality, and corruption in our everyday lives. Human-made dark forces are all pervasive. Many of us are on guard much of the time, and it makes a certain logical sense to think that just like on physical Earth, we could be vulnerable to evil forces.

If there are dark forces eager to attack us, they would require a home, which religion would consider hell. Most afterlife research material or channeling I have encountered, however, seeks to assure us that there is no real hell. There are hellish environments some people find themselves having entered, but it’s not an eternal torture camp some authority figure like a Satan manages.

Punishment, we’re assured, if it is even conceived as that, is self-determined. The body of one’s consciousness (beliefs + personal history) determines where we start our afterlife journey, but in the big picture, everyone has free will and freedom of movement. If you don’t want to stay in any hellish neighborhood you find yourself in, you have free will to seek help and be rescued.

By contrast, here in the physical world it’s much more difficult to be as mobile. Mobility often costs money for therapy, education, change of venue, start-up costs, housing, health care, whatever. Those who feel stuck in unfortunate circumstances see plenty of obstacles in their current life and are likely to project that things don’t automagically get better in any afterlife.

The bottom line, then, is where do dark, evil forces come from? Are they real beings or are they a function of religious and political mythology?


Humans appear to be much more interested in exploring misery than envisioning positive possibilities and solutions. Fear-mongering keeps us on the defensive and constantly looking out for new ways we’ll be victimized. Either there is a vast media conspiracy to constantly bombard us with words and pictures of how shitty life is or people innately hunger for bad news about all forms of suffering. This includes religion where too often fear and malice greatly overshadow love and compassion.

While one must take the possibility of dark force intervention in soul phone technology as a viable concern, something to be prepared for, I contend that the larger concern should be minding our own mass psychology. What seeds of despair are we sowing in our own Garden Not-of-Eden? What fruits are we growing in our own orchard?

Right and left, humans invent and worship stories of misery. Books, magazines, films, websites, and TV shows constantly provide fear-mongering as business as usual, often under the guise of trying to help us.

Here is a capsule summary of a novel offered for sale: After her grandmother’s death, Sage writes off the eerie supernatural happenings she’s begun noticing as grief. But when a dark killer chooses her as the next victim, can she escape an evil even the authorities can’t see? 

Here is a capsule summary of a novel I just made up that’s not for sale: After her grandmother’s peaceful crossing into the afterlife, Sage encounters sign after sign that heaven is a love fest. The absence of dark killers does not spoil the thrill of living in diversified harmony in a world without disease, pain, and abuse.


Suggestions that soul phone technology will invite evil forces to the party sound just like more promotional spots for cheap scary novels or TV shows. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows…”

Will the advent of soul phone technology lead to enlightenment or endarkenment? Will it open doors for revenge-seeking spirits or will it allow the spirit world to provide much-needed insight into the bigger picture of cosmic reality?

Unlike mainstream media, spirit-focused resources generally offer up much more hope. They also offer a preview of the kind of material soul phone technology might provide, such as in the Leslie Flint tapes. (Check that out here.)

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