People abuse others because they think they can get away with it. The abuses can be large or small, profound or trivial. The abusers do what they do because they believe their power position will ultimately prevail.

Somebody cuts you off in traffic. That person thinks that s/he had authority over you in the moment and takes advantage of it.

A salesman, sensing that you are not well informed, spins a marketing yarn that amounts to an abuse of power. The salesman knows it’s a pack of lies, say anything to get a customer to buy, but the potential victim may think it’s legitimate.

We regularly see news stories of high-profile sexual abuse cases that involve moguls, celebrities, and politicians. They often become battle cry names for people to wrap their causes around—Remember Harvey Weinstein like Remember the Alamo! The alleged abusers also usually get the shame justice treatment on talk shows, becoming the butt of jokes, which many feel is justified retribution.

One reason why people think they can get away with the large and small abuses they commit is the illusion of secrecy. A characteristic of life on physical earth is the ability to hide in the shadows, sometimes to even hide in plain sight, or so we are led to believe.


When a reliable connection is made with the spirit world via a device such as the SoulPhone, something that would allow fluid conversations between physical beings and spirit beings, the cloak of secrecy will in many cases become uncloaked. As a general rule, abusers will not be able to take secrecy to the bank.

People feeling abused will be able to get help from the other side, if they so choose. Maybe nowadays that might not make much sense, but once the SoulPhone is operational, people here will realize that help is available. Counselors in spirit will have a much different perspective on life than mortal counselors. That perspective might be most valuable to hear during a stressful time.

As the message flows into society at large that secrecy is not such a safe bet anymore, that there are eyes in the sky so to speak, committing abuses might not be so attractive to perpetrators. They may come to understand that the golden rule is more literal; that the spirit of what you think and do comes back to you. Karma is not punishment; rather, it is a reflection of consciousness.

Abusers rely on secrecy, and victims of abuse often feel so ashamed or embarrassed that they resort to secrecy, too. When the veil comes down, it will change the lives of everyone.

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