I just got an emailed advertisement for “scaring up some savings” this Halloween season at my local Honda dealership. Yep, they even used the ever-popular spook-tacular!

I find this an interesting holiday since much of it is about ghosts, ghouls, goblins, spooks, and other metaphysical menaces. Many of the costumes people create are intended to produce an ewww response. It’s supposed to poke fun at all those things that if we encountered them for real would cause untold panic and crowds at emergency rooms everywhere.

It’s all done in good trick-or-treat fun, but there’s a big part missing for the likes of me. That’s because I like to study the afterlife. And so much of that pursuit leads me to the conclusion that for many, many dead people, death is/was a route to happiness.

Halloween is a collision between our fear of death, which mainstream society excels at whipping up, and the joy of stepping into another dimension.

The paradigm of the joy of death has not surfaced yet in mainstream society. By that I mean that we generally do not celebrate someone’s death as if it’s a happy graduation from Earth School. Instead we focus on the tragedy of loss, the materialistic view of reality that all consciousness ends at physical lights out.


As has been borne out in much channeling and many readings, spirits are constantly trying to say that life goes on, the afterlife is great, and that life on physical earth is like living in a fog of fear. When a working SoulPhone connection is made and more conversations occur through this medium, this message should flow much more freely.

We might even turn Halloween around to something more positive, hopeful, and loving. Rather than producing visions of gore, we might lift our sights into the light and produce visions of the continuity of love.


I have only experienced the Day of the Dead through media like the one below, but I fantasize it as something akin to my take on a positive Halloween. It would be a time of happy remembrance and a pause from daily life to feel gratitude for the amazing universe in which we live.

Not feeling that we live in an amazing universe?

The advent of SoulPhone technology might reveal even more evidence that mainstream society is dedicated to primarily showing us all our problems and woes; it’s not dedicated to serving us with visions of solutions and possibilities. SoulPhone technology could provide us with more reasons than ever to turn off the TV and turn on to life.

Here is a previous post I made on my other blog about Halloween.

If you have not yet seen Calling Earth, a superior documentary on contacting “real” spirits via electronic technology, click here. You might think of this as an alternative for Halloween viewing.

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