Sex and death are two of the most taboo topics for public discussion. There’s so much we leave out of our conversations when tiptoeing around these two fundamental human experiences, which at their core are creation and destruction.

I recently attended an Afterlife Symposium sponsored by the Afterlife Research Education Institute. Over 500 people gathered to give and hear presentations about the survival of consciousness beyond physical death. You would be hard-pressed to find places where so much spiritual love flows, and when 500 human generators are there making an energetic connection—whew!

This wasn’t an event to discuss sex, but I was struck by the amazing similarities from this perspective: death is often presented by materialists as being all about the physical body. When the body goes, all of life goes, they maintain. Creativity, consciousness, and the life force all end. It’s all about the body.

Sex is often presented as being all about the body, too. Body parts become the focal points. Creativity, consciousness, and relationship consequences are usually not featured in erotic stories. Most people are not trained to see a sexual encounter as an energy merger or spiritual event. We’re usually not educated to make love to whole souls or whole people. We’re educated to produce orgasms by body part manipulation.

At some point, we can uplevel sex from a somewhat routine activity with culturalized habits into an energetic merging experience. This isn’t intended to mean that “ordinary sex” is not good enough for rock and roll, but it is to say that our cultural scripts for what sex can be have been dumbed way down. The average representation of sex is pretty low on the totem pole of possibility.

Most jokes, stories, and expectations about sex rely on physical characterization of what sex is and what people should look like. All the cosmetic clichés, rapid-response assumptions, snarky, shame-based, fear-based commentary usually revolves around sexual activity. Not that I listen to Howard Stern, but I don’t think he’d orate on the divine miracle that sex can be.


Since social mores often mute discussions about deep sexuality, I doubt that it’s commonly considered how much a SoulPhone could influence our collective consciousness—even about sex. Input from the other side probably won’t be very focused on the physicality of sex; I doubt they care. My hope is that we would learn more about the healing and energetic gifts that sexual relationships can offer those willing to explore them.

Sex is currently a miasma of rage, shame, embarrassment, guilt, pain, rejection, frustration, lust, and so on. Input from the other side could enlighten us about reasons why our current state is such a mess. Religion and pop culture/marketing have largely shaped that mess. We can pretty much predict what spirit will say from what they have already said through channeling.

I suspect that the main message will be the ever-present, ever-popular golden rule. Shape your motives and exhibit your behavior through what you want to receive. It will come back to you in some dimension, whether instantly or in time.

SoulPhones could also provide counseling opportunities from therapists on the other side who could enlightened physical people about reasons why any abuse or heartbreaks occurred, assuming  that they have permission to reveal those contracts or histories.

Personally, I’ve had life-changing episodes where behavior that included erotic content led to soul-embracing impact. Sexual attraction was present to boost energy that ultimately became much more grand and glorious than sex as it’s ordinarily portrayed.

My go-to example is the ecstasy I experienced several times that resulted from extended hugging while fully clothed. The energy kept building until it became wavelike where it finally and unexpectedly took over in a full-bodied orgasmic quaking so intense I/we could only stay engaged that way for a few seconds. I’ve heard similar descriptions about so-called kundalini awakening.

Parenthetically, these brushes with ecstasy led me to seek understanding of spiritual principles to comprehend what happened. They opened me to considering what part of nature caused it. It also expanded my conception of the benefits sex can offer and how it can include a wide range of experiences, many not openly discussed because they are so intimate and not normally portrayed in mainstream media.

This shift in sexual consciousness is just one aspect of change that SoulPhone conversations could bring to the fore. I think the ripple effect will be profound. Maybe at some other time we can consider multi-dimensional dating and learning the art of continuing a loving relationship even after one member of a couple passes into another  dimension. Maybe we’ll learn much more about making love to the mind, heart, and soul.

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