For me, one of the most exciting potentials of the SoulPhone is to set the historical record straight.

Let’s talk to the people who made history. Maybe after their conversion from physical life to afterlife, they would feel less inhibited to talk. Any of the threats against them for making full disclosures are most likely removed by the death factor.

Follow this link to a site set up by the Foundation for Mind-Being Research to show transcript of conversations via mediumship with the non-survivors (in the physical sense) of the Challenger space shuttle disaster. While this has nothing directly to do with a SoulPhone, reading the transcripts of conversations between spirit and flesh humans gives an impression of what a SoulPhone conversation might be like.

As far as the history books are concerned, the astronauts blew up with the ship and vaporized on the spot. Materialistic earth science tried to make sense of how and why everything happened the way it did, but there has been no official acknowledgement that consciousness survives vaporizing.

(Note: I am not claiming this as proof of anything. Channeling is hard to prove and there are people much more versed in evidence for the afterlife than I am. However, I believe it gives a good feeling for what could happen if spirit communication was open to us.)

In reading the first transcript, I found it most interesting how human everyone sounded. It was much different from the public face astronauts are trained to project, and they didn’t sound like orators from the great beyond. It also showed their human confusion and responses to their sudden deaths. For example, Christa McAuliffe, the school teacher astronaut, said, “I think I would feel a lot better if they would stop making me out as the next Virgin Mary.”

One implication of her remark is that history gets manipulated and re-written to serve somebody or some organizations’s political agenda. She did not like being part of a manufactured myth. “I’m just a silly little school teacher who went into the heavens.”

Take this scenario and multiply it by all of the people who have ever meant anything to the planet’s historical record. Just imagine having access to get the real scoop on past events from those who were involved first-hand.

And yes, this may mow down a bunch of sacred cows and cherished legends. Do we deal with the truth or do we continue fictionalizing?

Afterlife researcher and author Richard Martini focused much attention in his Hacking the Afterlife to exploring the legend of Amelia Earhart and Jesus, among others. He presents his accounts as explorations of phenomena from past-life regressions and mediumship.

As with the transcripts of the Challenger astronauts, the material is controversial and departs from the majority view. Nevertheless, I found it compelling and great mind food.

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