A new religion

As I’ve become more familiar with afterlife research resources on the Internet, I’ve noticed the emergence of what amounts to a new religion.

I view religion as a belief system about the nature of reality that usually relies on an authority figure—a prophet, holy book, guru, psychic medium. Organized religion is a collective of people who largely adopt the same guiding principles based on the source of inspiration. They meet in groups and often parrot one another in beliefs.

Beliefs often gain traction behind a charismatic personality who channels or otherwise provides information streams. A medium might gain a following. Bunches of information he or she channels becomes integrated as universal fact. It might not be so. Even if it is valid for the medium, it might not be valid for every individual—you, for instance.

As I learn more about the afterlife by reading various authors, including authors who are mediums, I get varied accounts of what the other side is like. When I say varied, I mean varied. The accounts are not consistent.

There is still vast amounts of speculation about what’s real and what’s story, belief, or religion. Speculation essentially means it’s anybody’s guess. (This site is speculation about soul phone technology, which is in its infancy.)

As I follow people on Facebook groups, many are dealing with grief. I frequently see people referencing Channeling Erik (CE) as one of their major sources on information for their conviction on certain afterlife topics or cosmic principles. When I first saw some CE videos on YouTube a few years ago, I was enchanted. Medium Jamie Butler seemed to have such easy (for her), fully-flowing conversations with Erik and anyone else from spirit he brought to the party. Robin Williams, Abraham Lincoln, Jack the Ripper, Jesus, anybody.

I was pretty naive about mediums at the time. I was excited because I saw great human potential if we could talk via mediums with deceased luminaries. Imagine what we could learn from them! Even the entities who’d gained reputations for being bad guys had fascinating things to say about reality on our planet.

Jamie apparently got too expensive for Elisa Medhus (Erik’s mom) to keep bringing back, so she hired other mediums. While to me they did not have Jamie’s charming charisma, they still were chatty with Erik and the spirits he brought to the interviews. All the mediums on CE made conversations look easy.

For me, CE videos set a pretty high expectation bar for what mediums supposedly did. I eventually noticed people in other places wondering in forums why contact seemed so easy for CE mediums; meanwhile, their own loved one remained silent or only spoke to them in symbols like feathers or pennies apparently dropped around the house.

Eventually I had a reading with a medium not affiliated with CE. I received fascinating evidence for soul survival of loved ones, but nothing like a conversation. Logical as it may have been to think that other skilled mediums could chat with historical characters or dead celebrities at the drop of a hat, it didn’t happen.

I am not in the midst of deep grief, so my yearning to believe is tempered. I look for more substantial proof. I definitely have the bias that I want to believe in the continuity of life after death, but in some ways that makes me question evidence with an extra layer of skepticism (which in this case means asking lots of questions and considering other explanations for phenomena.)


CE mediums (and others I found on YouTube) often interview historical characters without any testing or asking for evidence. There is some danger in this. First, who’s to say who or what the actual entity is, including the medium’s own creative unconscious? Second, sometimes historical characters say things that could be extremely misleading, unprovable, or damaging.

Nicole Brown Simpson appeared in an episode of CE where she and Ron Goldman, who didn’t talk much, answered Elisa’s first question—yes, OJ slashed them up. Are we supposed to take this as fact? If you personally wouldn’t, how many would?

Things get said on CE that people post on Facebook groups as fact without much filtering, critical thought, or qualification. It’s very much like religious faith, a new religion that doesn’t;t call itself a religion but acts like one.

For me, the message or the lesson here is discernment. For myself, I need to be mindful of sources whenever anyone spouts off a cosmic truth. How do they/we know that it is true? If it is true for them, will it also be true for me?


My hope is that the delivery of soul phone technology, especially those that allow for fully developed conversation, will provide us with tools for upgrading our knowledge about how the universe works. I hope that it will give us access to authoritative sources of knowledge in the spirit world.

On this plane, I give my highest trust to sources of afterlife research that seem truly interested in the research. They seem measured in their claims, usually cite sources including any personal experiences, don’t preach, don’t judge others. They welcome well-intended skepticism (which means asking a lot of questions and exploring alternative explanations.)

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