Pull date

People who study the afterlife as well as near-death experiences often come up with the question of whether or not a part of our consciousness knows when our personal pull date is.

When and how will we die?

For example, some near-death experiencers are told “it’s not your time yet. Back you go!” This leads one to logically wonder if “our time” has already been determined.

Sometimes people talk about exit points. These are built-in points in a given life when someone can choose to die. This is not regarded as suicide, and the conscious brain does not make this decision. Apparently a higher form of our consciousness—our soul—makes this determination. It knows what we intended to do in any given incarnation, can judge how we’re doing on that objective, and if we need to hang around in that life or not to complete the work we set out to do.

Astrologers sometimes talk about exit points, too. Some claim that they can see it in the stars.


Then we have soul contracts and the manner in which we are slated to die. It is often suggested that the soul knows—actually designs—when and how its incarnated person will die. The time and manner of one person’s death is often a key event in the lives of others in an intricately thought-out plan.

For example, one person may die of cancer with the intent to give the gift of serving to another person or group. This sounds horrific to the mortal mind, that someone would choose cancer—or all the other ways people die—but souls seem to think like movie writers weaving plots and characters together. Writers will often design deaths for characters as a way to teach or communicate the writer’s message.

Another one that I find especially interesting from a life study standpoint is death during times of war. It’s been hinted in a few books I’ve read that souls of soldiers know in advance what’s coming—will they or won’t they be war casualties? At the soul level, we’ve signed up for whatever happens, usually to assist other people’s Earth School lessons. This idea that wars are scripted in advance would bring radical change to warfare!

Mediums and channeled personalities get pretty firm on the idea that if a soul decided to pull the plug on a life at any exit point, it will happen somehow.

People in our realm just never really know about the plan, which is where it gets interesting and sometimes frustrating. For example, if a person is diagnosed with a terminal disease, is that it? Is he supposed to succumb? Not necessarily. It could as easily be a challenge in healing with victory as a survivor. So many survivors say that getting a disease was a gift; it led to shifts in awareness that helped them.

Not knowing our “best if used by” pull date is usually explained as keeping us in the game. If we knew exactly how much time we had and how we were going to exit, most of us would live differently. Would our soul get the same growth benefit if we had more information about our future?

Maybe, maybe not. Genius is sometimes unpredictable. For example, if some people knew their pull date, maybe they would live a more intense life, taking more chances and fulfilling more dreams on their bucket list as they played Beat the Clock. Others might roll up into a ball and passively wait for Mr. Reaper’s arrival.


Whether or not having a SoulPhone around would change our knowledge of our own graduation date is anybody’s guess. Will our pull date remain classified information? Will it become something like sonograms today where expecting parents can choose whether or not to know if it’s a boy or a girl?

However, the general attitude about dying will likely change substantially with so many reports coming in that death is not scary. “I wouldn’t come back for all the gold in China,” one dead person said through the mediumship of Leslie Flint.

Right now here on Earth death is largely treated as the great antagonist. We want to cheat death. We want to live as long as possible without it gobbling us up, often under the belief that there’s nothing else beyond cut or fade to black. The SoulPhone will definitely change that paradigm, and new paradigms will come to light.

I think many people, spawned on by various marketing campaigns, worry about dying prematurely or unpreparedly. There seem to be endless discussions on how to live well and not cut your life short. This whole philosophy does not sit too well with any messages from the afterlife that suggest that we all have a pull date. Maybe we won’t die from eating too much fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Some people who are into “manifesting” and the law of attraction rightly wonder if through free will you can manifest yourself out of a predetermined death. If you decide that you want to continue living even though your life plan lists you as terminal, can you intervene? This question would be more important if people could actually learn what their life map was.

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