Could a SoulPhone ever be used to leak information to the public? With help from the spirit world, will we be able to improve the quality of life for everyone despite government and corporate control of so many freedoms, products, and services?

I think that this will be one of the more intriguing ethical considerations that will befall communication between the physical world and the nonphysical world. If we ask for spirit intervention, will they help?

These are just my speculations, but here are a few considerations:

  • Spirit does not take sides in affairs of governments, specifically one against another.
  • Spirit wants to help humanity evolve, and that means all of humanity.
  • Spirit does not gossip or tattle.
  • Many events that we would normally call tragedies are planned events designed as lessons for us and in the larger soul sense designed by us.
  • We don’t die, not really, so what we have deemed as a tragedy here is like winning an all-expenses paid vacation to paradise there.
  • While people in spirit love us, care for us, and follow us, their role is not to shelter, coddle, and over-protect us; we’re here to learn.
  • At the soul level, we signed up for this.
  • The spirit world is not just one place; it has many levels that support different states of consciousness and awareness, so in effect, Caller ID is crucial.

In light of the above, I still wonder what role spirit intervention will play when we have soul phone access to other dimensions.

Key to this, I feel, is whether or not rules of disclosure will be set in place by some spirit world authority. Often in metaphysical literature, I run into passages where guides say variations on, “We can’t share that information with you.” Often we’re supposed to grapple with life’s challenges and tragedies. Being given all the answers stunts our spiritual growth. Only if we saw the big picture would we know for sure why situations happen as they do, and most of us can’t see that big picture while we’re here with our blinders on and amnesia in force.

Yet to balance that is the idea of planetary evolution. Is Earth School supposed to stay the same training course that it is, or is humanity empowered to evolve the place?

For example, is war an absolute necessity on Planet Earth? Is the military-industrial complex rooted here for a cosmic reason? Does war always need to happen so that people with battle karma have a venue for their advancement? Or can we solve the war problem and become a planet for peace, give peace a chance, make love not war?

Or what about the health care industry in all of its facets? So often the industry appears to be geared toward making fortunes for various providers. Actually healing people seems less of a priority. Curing something like cancer would endanger a bunch of people’s incomes despite how much good it would do. If we could cure cancer, would we, or is it simply too profitable to stay the way we are?

The list of changes soul phone technology could bring might be long and vast, but the key question is are we empowered to create heaven on earth?  

If we are, it seems more likely that the spirit world would work with us. They would help all of humanity grow, but they would not take sides in all of our business-as-usual squabbling.

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