Capital punishment

A society primarily based on materialist science makes the assumption that when you die, you’re dead, gone, over, off. That being so, we think of death as the ultimate end, the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate punishment.

People who believe this way feel a certain comfort when the lives of bad guys and gals are snuffed out before they do more harm. “Remove them from society! I hope they rot in hell!”

Justified as those feelings of rage may be against people who caused so much pain and suffering, society under the guidance of science doesn’t pause to wonder much about the possible consequences of capital punishment. Instead of turning convicts of capital offenses into dust, what if we are just sending them to another dimension? If consciousness survives physical death, we could be sending ill and tortured people, who themselves became torturers of others, to some unknown collective of embittered spirits.

Much of the world thinks in terms of revenge, not rehabilitation. Much of the world wants straight-out revenge on convicted killers. We don’t seem to consider that convicted killers who are executed rather than rehabilitated may want revenge, too.

Soul phone technology may, in fact, confirm that when we execute people here on physical earth, we only destroy their bodies. Their tortured souls go to a place where they may—or may not—receive the help they need.

This is where afterlife research comes in. Do the spirits of executed people go to some form of hospital for healing, or do they simply migrate on a kind of auto-pilot to a place they share with like minds?


It wasn’t until this year that I began hearing reports about near-earth dimensions of reality. Some say that there are different destinations for the dead to reside in. Some of those places are apparently quite similar to life on physical earth. That’s not necessarily good news. It implies that some afterlife venues feature similar kinds of pain and suffering as we have here. (I can’t speak to this with much authority yet, but check out resources here and here.)

The good news, however, is that there’s mobility. People who get stuck in dark places appear to be negative personalities who do not value life including other people’s lives. Yet anybody can move up if they have the desire and do the necessary work to make the upgrade. Even killers. The problem is that under free will, no one can force us to grow, and if we don’t choose growth as our path, we could stay stuck for a very long time.

So do we do anybody a service with capital punishment, especially if it is proven that nobody really dies?

Most everything I have encountered in reading or watching afterlife videos is that murder victims don’t really care about being killed. They don’t feel cheated or devastated no matter how awful it looks from this side. Some murders were even planned karmic events. (Wouldn’t you like to explain that on the evening news?)

I don’t follow ghost hunting shows, but I suppose you could find some spirits in angst there. Even so, if a murder victim chooses to enter the light, metaphorically if not metaphysically, he or she is welcomed in love.

Anyone likely to hold a grudge for being slain would be someone who normally and habitually held grudges, perhaps who lived a violent lifestyle and never had appropriate intervention and healing. They might choose to hide out in despair in a dense district in the astral worlds. That’s where they might congregate with other tortured spirits.


It would be quite the irony if the practice sold as a way to protect society actually hurt society in ways not presently seen or acknowledged. I can imagine a “think tank” of executed criminals in the astral plane conjuring up revenge plots against those living on Earth. Maybe they get their revenge by doing deeds that cause suffering on Earth like instigating riots, meddling in elections, or haunting places.

While we’re on the subject of irony, it’s ironic that the government will sponsor capital punishment without thoroughly researching the survival of consciousness. You don’t hear of any environmental impact studies being conducted on this practice even though countless people are executed globally for various reasons. If there is any truth to the notion that some places near-earth are almost like clones of our physical life here, execution policies here could contribute to overcrowding elsewhere.

The universal consensus may not agree that capital punishment is anything but revenge killing. Soul phone technology could deliver that message to those who will listen.

In case you didn’t know: Only four countries considered to be industrialized—the US, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan—still execute criminals.


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