Unsolved mysteries

For me, one of the greatest unsolved mysteries is why Hollywood has had such a difficult time conjuring up engaging stories about afterlife phenomena.

Yes, there are some standouts now getting moldy oldy—Field of Dreams, Defending Your Life, What Dreams May Come, Phenomenon, Powder, Green Mile, Ghost. Even so, most of those movies spent vast amounts of time and energy on arguing with, beating up, humiliating, or trashing the protagonist who has paranormal insights and skills. They don’t deeply explore the nature of the phenomena, which are practically swept underneath the rug of drama.

For the most part, far more Hollywood attention is given to horror films and the mental anguish side of dying. Bad death. Horrible death. Naughty, naughty death. Shoot-’em-up death. Torturous disease death. Bad ghosts. Evil demons. Scary cemeteries. Hell to pay.

Some people think that there’s been more than enough attention focused on the afterlife. In my humble opinion, they’ve only just begun. (As a side note, there could well be some business concerns I know nothing about why Hollywood avoids this topic, like not wanting to endanger box office by going against cutting edge conformity. Maybe focus groups tell them that being too innovative and contradicting both scientific and religious thought will hurt them financially. Bean counters rule Hollywood, not creativity and innovation. Dumbing down for mass consumption makes more money.)

That said, the annals of afterlife research are filled with stories that would make amazing, inspiring movie plots. Just off the top of my head, here are some stories for blockbuster movies I would like to see that have not been made yet (and probably won’t be):

Movie One: Love Eternal. A wife suddenly and unexpectedly dies. We watch the plot unfold from her point of view as a “dead” person trying to signal back that she still exists. So yeah, so far this sounds just like What Dreams May Come. Been there, seen that. But what if her widower husband gets it? What if we don’t spend two-thirds of the movie (yawn) waiting for him to finally get it? What if he is prepared to listen to his soul mate and that he deals with his grief? What if the movie is about how they create a trans-dimensional relationship? How amazing would this be if we could see it being treated as a realistic challenge with its own great rewards instead of a ticket to the nearest sanitarium?

Movie Two: Clear Sight. Someone invents a form of night vision goggle that is able to peer into the spirit realm. It is said that the spirit dimension co-exists with the physical one; it’s just that most people can’t perceive it (while of course some can.) So what if that invention happens and suddenly anyone can see spirit life? While of course this has great potential for all the scary cliches to meet in a Grand Central Station of mass hysteria, maybe someone could create a movie where it’s not all boo and scream. Maybe the healing can begin.

Movie Three: Field of Dreams, Part 2, the Obvious Sequel Never Made. Haven’t you ever wondered what happens to the James Earl Jones (Terrence Mann) character when he follows the baseball players into the secret clubhouse in the cornfield? Magical as the original film was, I think millions would love to explore the riches of a spiritual treasure chest which tantalized us with speculation of what soul survival could mean. Wouldn’t it be fun if all those dead baseball players could tell their soul survival stories?

Movie Four: The President’s NDE. Anyone who has delved into near-death experience literature knows what a profound personality change such an event brings. War hawks become peace activists. Materialists become spiritualists. Haters become lovers. Many NDErs also come back with opened psychic channels where before they heard nothing, saw nothing. So imagine such a transformation for a living president! After a year or so in office where he has established his bad-ass ways, he has a heart attack and a profound NDE. The possibilities are endless. He meets past presidents. He learns secrets that even as president he was not privy to. He meets Jesus. He meets angels. He meets ETs. So much of what he learns contradicts how he has been behaving. It also contradicts his legislative agenda. (As an extra twist, maybe it’s a female president.)

Movie Five: Two Sides of the Story. For decades I have had a vision of a movie where we follow a commercial jetliner on a flight. The plane has a catastrophic failure and blows up over the ocean. At that point the movie becomes two movies in one. One movie is about the people onboard the plane. For them, the plane keeps flying and they do not know what hit them. They are gently eased into the knowledge that they have flown out of the 3rd dimension. The other movie is about all the grief and media drama and the normal way society bills, handles, and even exaggerates “tragic” events. We cut between the two movies to show the drastic difference in mood between the planes, pun intended.

So what does this have to do with a SoulPhone? One of the big challenges ahead will be how to integrate a working SoulPhone into a society that has been brought up on horror film and tragedy consciousness. We so often prepare people with scary stories and don’t offer much in the way of positive solutions and consciousness. To help people accept and understand the value of the SoulPhone, we could use some better emotional preparation. Instead of Preparation Hell, we need some Preparation Heaven.

More on wimpy Hollywood woo-woo from another blog I write.

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