The news is often filled with stories and opinions about material wealth. Specifically, we collectively wonder how much power the ruling billionaire class has.

Much talk in the United States has concerned itself with the top 1% and how legislation appears to be geared toward making the rich richer. The rest of the population often sits at the whims of these few mega-rich people whose clout controls things aimed at keeping institutions the way they are, mostly for the sake of continued profits. For example, think of how much profiteering would be sacrificed if an easy cure for cancer became widespread or oil was usurped as a predominate fuel.

Whenever I hear people talk about heaven and streets paved with gold, as if that is a good thing, I wonder what is so special about gold. Where do they mine gold in heaven? I must admit that I do not get too excited about gold here on Earth. It may be pretty, but I still see its worth as a fantasy the collective cooked up. We agreed to think gold is worth more than any other metal, and by the way, that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Wealth to me is love. Nothing satisfies me more than the feeling of intimate connection with someone in whatever way is appropriate for the situation.  That doesn’t have to mean the big kahuna of connections. It can mean sharing a private joke, a wave across a room, some mental telepathy, a heartfelt hug, birthing an idea in common, being present with someone needing to tell a story or share an experience.

When I feel connected with someone, so many other needs and cravings fall away. They become far less important. So much else doesn’t matter when my mind, heart, and soul are engaged with another person. I guess for me it goes back to the saying the best things in life aren’t things.


I believe that soul phone technology will affect the forces of wealth and materialism, especially after a few generations. This will happen in many ways over time.

Right now in most of the industrialized world, we’re told that we’ve got one shot at life so you’d better live yours with gusto (even if it messes with your sanity.) Buy everything, do everything, buy everything again because the first one has become obsolete and you can’t appear outdated. What will everyone think? The constant competition to keep up with whoever the Joneses are so often keeps us from enjoying what we have.

Messages from spirits will contradict many mainstream forces and lines of commercial propaganda. It already happens in channeled messages. Voices from spirit re-shift priorities, trying to persuade those who will listen what’s important in life, and surprise, it’s not who ends up with the most toys.

Most spiritual sources say that love is the true currency. When a billionaire dies, he or she leaves all the stuff behind, and if that person has not developed skills in love, the status change may prove to be shocking—as the wisemen Beatles reminded us, “Money can’t buy me love.”

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