Deep loneliness

I have personally been going through a period of fairly intense loneliness. Especially if I did not count virtual or long-distance friends, I am down to a precious few.

I have always been more of a loner. My creative hobbies mostly involve solitary activity—writing, photography, reading, pondering, meditation. I am an introvert and not a fan of conflict, competition, superficial conversation.

Ironically, I also love intimacy. So much of my writing, pondering, and passion is about connecting with others and healing the world through various forms of love. I often write about human potential and the world I would like to see manifesting—the world where everyone feels included.

One of my great hopes for soul phone technology is that it becomes a great unifier of people. I hope that the overall impact of being able to talk with spirit in a more straight-forward way will impress upon the world that life on Earth is being lived for a purpose. We’re here to learn and grow, and we’re part of a great cosmic system, not random acts of chance.


I get much inspiration from listening to Leslie Flint recordings which were made in the 20th Century. They are conversations between sitters and the so-called dead via direct-voice mediumship, and it’s like listening to recorded phone chats. If anybody had the ability to engage in conversations with spirits in a similar way, which is the promise of soul phone technology, I think there would be a global impact. We would know that life goes on and that there truly are no secrets.

Back to my own situation of mostly being alone. Besides having few local friends to visit (I do believe that this is temporary, but it’s what it is now) I do not seem to have any abilities perceiving spirits. No clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience (in the sense of feeling spirits around), or astral projection skills. I even seem to get very little in any hypnosis I have done. I call it dead air. The great nothing, like driving Highway 50 though Nevada, nicknamed the Loneliest Road in America.

Soul phone technology would provide a major source of input to my life. Direct conversation with spirit would be so different than readings with mediums, which are often spotty and incomplete. (Some mediums do not allow questions; some do not allow recordings; some are very expensive and in huge demand.)

Spiritual teachers continually tell us that we are loved, that our departed friends and loved ones still care about us and often visit, that guides and angels are constantly around us. While this is intended to be a hopeful message, when I am in the midst of the blues from feeling too isolated, I often hear it with an inner angst. The messages falls splat at my feet. I’m getting dead air.

I imagine the difference it would make for my life if I could talk to departed friends and relatives and to make new friends in other planes of existence. While in one sense that would be more virtual relationships, I do believe that there would be a difference. These conversations would be more educational. They could help me grasp more about cosmic reality and that in turn would help me better negotiate this world.

The loneliness that makes me feel most vulnerable is what I call spiritual loneliness. That’s when I miss depth of intimacy, of conversations and interactions that matter. I miss the feedback and the interplay of ideas on important life (and death) subjects. Even if I know that solitude helps me develop a relationship with myself, which is a good thing, I like the diversity offered with another soul.

I think of all the people I could contact in the spirit world, and I swoon in delight.

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