Marvelous to be dead

From so-called beyond the grave, George Olsen via the direct-voice mediumship of Leslie Flint, said this in response to how are you getting on [in the spirit world?]

Very well, no regrets. I’m very happy. I wouldn’t come back if you offered me all the gold in China. I’m perfectly well and perfectly happy, and I can’t tell you how marvelous it is to be dead.

… People should consider themselves lucky the day they kick the bucket.

Leslie Flint was something of a human soul phone, a direct-voice medium from the UK. His talents allowed so-alled dead people to speak directly to those in the room. Many of these sessions were tape recorded for posterity and can now be found on YouTube and other websites.

The possibility that messages like this from the spirit world could arrive en masse is a cleansing delight. It could help heal the fear of death and the visions of pain and suffering our media often shows surrounding the act of dying.

The video from which this quote was snipped goes on with George talking about how his transition was greatly improved from his previous study of the afterlife. You can also listen to the tape and see the transcript here. (The latter is a longer version.)

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