Fear of death

Some people have a crippling fear of death. Considering the social norm of how death is presented in our world, I think it’s little wonder that the thought of experiencing it in the flesh can be daunting.

Our world is very generous in filling our heads with horror stories and violent images. As a species, we excel at pain and suffering. Not satisfied just to live in the now, accepting death when it comes, we go way beyond to predict and preview different ways we could experience the misery of doom.  Oh, scary.

But maybe there’s an antidote in the offing.

However it comes about, soul phone technology could help reduce if not eradicate our fear of death. The moment we are convinced that we are talking to the spirit world, all experience seems to indicate that dying can be as easy as waking up from a dream.

I say “can be” instead of “is” because in broad strokes, we usually do not prepare people to die, and many head on their journey with bunches of misconceptions about what will happen to them. So even if the death experience turns out to be easy, our preconceptions may make it much harder as we anticipate pain and punishment.

I envision a time when we hear from our deceased loved ones in spirit telling us that transition was a piece of cake (angel food?) The message will keep coming as different dead people speak to their loved ones via soul phone tech.

We already get this message in countless channelings. In all the books I’ve read about near-death experiences or afterlife communication, I cannot remember encountering one where anyone regretted dying. They sound more like they won the lottery.

In the near-death experience genre, a small minority had hellish journeys, but even so, there was a happy ending. The person was rescued by a spirit or ended up being grateful for another chance at creating a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

If Hollywood and all the related entertainment industry were to start giving us (or selling us) visions of death more like what mediums and NDErs have been saying, I suspect that there would be far fewer cases of the death willies.

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